Example sentences of "[adv] dependent upon a " in BNC.

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1 But many older titles are still dependent upon an understanding of its conveyancing procedures .
2 Because it always involves raw materials and techniques it is always dependent Upon a context , and is not to be thought of , in humanist vein , as an isolated expression of the essential creativity of human beings .
3 So even in the situation in which apparently you 're quite heavily dependent upon a neighbouring state , there usually is some element of choice .
4 For the first eleven years following its introduction , ICA offered one of the most explicit examples of the assumption that married women are ( or should be ) economically inactive and financially dependent upon an earning husband — until 1986 they were excluded from the benefit on the grounds that ‘ they might be at home in any event ’ ( DHSS , 1974 , para. 60 ) .
5 Some of the Midland villages with a large number of framework knitters had a more diverse occupational structure than the examples we have just discussed ; they were not as completely dependent upon a single trade .
6 Independent research by economic consultants Pieda estimates that 71,000 jobs in the UK are currently dependent upon a viable Scotch Whisky Industry .
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