Example sentences of "[noun pl] around the corner " in BNC.

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1 Or are we just creatures of our time , trapped by our failure to see the solutions around the corner of our life-span ?
2 When Nicolae Ceauşescu first arrived in the city , Bucharest contained a dazzling array of buildings of all styles : examples of its older Balkan heritage could be found side by side with grandiose business palaces in the style of Central Europe 's Griinderjahre of the 1870s , with Art Deco and Cubist designs around the corner .
3 The BEC now occupies its own offices around the corner in Hope Street .
4 To help cover the import bills Miles would take half the orders around the corner into Soho where at a higher price the proprietor of a dirty book shop would retail them to less artistically minded purchasers .
5 There is unfortunately no miracle cure for leg ulcers around the corner ; community staff must be prepared to handle them in the most efficient and effective manner possible .
6 But he believes that there are developments around the corner that could bring a lot of changes for the better , not least of them , technological changes .
7 Mechanical propulsion presently ranges from steam , through the various petrols and oils to gas and electric , with nuclear or magnetic etc. vehicles around the corner .
8 There was a stone in the windswept graveyard that bore her name , there were good times around the corner .
9 ‘ Those two cunts around the corner .
10 Peter and Phyllis ran along the line to tell the driver about the trees and rocks around the corner .
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