Example sentences of "[noun sg] around the corner " in BNC.

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1 Some quick research around the corner at the New York Genealogical Society .
2 ‘ A bloke told us to watch it because there was a police car around the corner taking names and addresses .
3 Mud houses , they say , are better than the devastation at home … now with winter around the corner they 're digging deeper for warmth …
4 I forgot eggs , ’ he called , and scampered off down the stairs to get some from an early dairy around the corner .
5 Investors are so willing to believe in recovery around the corner that they will clutch at false hopes almost indefinitely .
6 Harvey was lounging full length across the sheepskin seats that followed the wall around the corner .
7 The ‘ interview room ’ door opened again and Sergeant Lawrence poked his head around the corner .
8 Eventually I made a new friend around the corner .
9 The mother was just out of sight around the corner in the kitchen making Mr Wormwood 's breakfast which always had to be two fried eggs on fried bread with three pork sausages and three strips of bacon and some fried tomatoes .
10 and , with the Five Nations Championship around the corner , the issue must be addressed before recrimination and bitterness degenerate into open hostility .
11 I could catch a live sex show around the corner , in bleeding Seventh Avenue .
12 The house has three show façades , each one isolated from its fellow around the corner , each one with different window surrounds .
13 ‘ There 's a shower just off the bedroom through there , or there 's a bathroom around the corner . ’
14 He 's sitting at the gate , watching the school around the corner decant its little boys .
15 Pupils from Steelestown PS , Bun Scoil Baile na Stil will be featured in the UTV programme ‘ School Around the Corner ’ on Tuesday next at 7.30pm .
16 A light came on , banishing the darkness around the corner .
17 Well that that is now accommodation for away supporters down at there is no cover over it as yet , there were plans to make a covered stand of it but er they have n't it has been covered over and that 's where the away supporters still stand to this day and a little bit around the corner at the bottom end , at the railway end as they call it now , not the laundry end .
18 Now Mr Wakeham said yesterday that high petrol prices are here to stay , considering what you 've just said , does that mean we can see a three pound gallon around the corner ?
19 So far I have been lucky in that I have never had to work at getting the next job but there may be a point when I look up and there is no opportunity around the corner . ’
20 Smooth and fit the icing around the corners before smoothing down the sides .
21 After Johnny disappeared from view around the corner of the house , Cassie wandered disconsolately indoors , realizing that she needed both the bathroom and something to drink.Although she had n't eaten since lunch time , she had no appetite and the thought of food nauseated her .
22 ‘ There 's a post office around the corner from where I live , and every Thursday morning the pensioners start queuing outside from about half-past eight , whatever the weather .
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