Example sentences of "[modal v] just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Yes , ’ I began , ‘ I should just like a practice … ’
2 Perhaps I should just say a word about that that operation since you 've raised it , because it is one type of job that we do , that is taking part in a rather large group , in this case sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat at the request of the government of Uganda after the fall of erm of Amin , to assess the rehabilitation needs of the country and to suggest what policies should be priority policies for their point of view and what contribution could be made by other countries through aid and erm other ways of technical assistance and fellowships for training and so forth , to help in this rehabilitation .
3 And this man came to the door , and he went to get the hold belt , that should just have a tape recorder on conversation just throughout the week so it 's getting all sorts of rubbish going in there ,
4 I stopped after a short while and said ‘ this is nonsense — I ca n't learn any more of this sort of thing by two o'clock — I must just do a prose right through and see how I get on ’ .
5 But first I must just have a word with you about … ’
6 Let's just plot a graph When we stand up here we 're wanting to perform right we 're wanting to do an activity we have some level of anxiety .
7 Let's just create a window , so we can see both files on the screen at the same time .
8 Erm let's just pause a moment there because there 's a bit of legal language there that we need to sort out .
9 Let's just take a look first and wait till we see what 's inside . ’
10 Let's then just turn our attention to the facilities in this country , the sort of things you 've heard Stan saying here in the studio that there 's a lot to offer in this country , lot 's of different kinds of scenery , lot 's of different types of attractions , but let's just take a look at the sort of facilities that are available in this country .
11 well a number of things have come up so let's just take a couple of votes as er , from hearing from a few people and of which people have n't managed to speak so , first of all , er , er people talked about fear being larger than the incidence of assault , are you afraid to go out in the dark ? , button one for yes and button two for no do you find that your afraid to go out in the dark , and then this hundred and that 's a very , I mean that 's , that 's a very significant figure fifty seven out of this hundred women say yes that their afraid to go out in the dark from time to time , I mean that , that is not as it should be , let me ask you are you ever afraid in your own home ? , button one for yes and button two for no and that two is a very worrying figure , twenty nine of of this hundred say yes their afraid in their home , let me ask you this have you trained in self defence ? , button one for yes and button two for no , I mean its something that comes up from time to time and I do n't know what your view and whether or not its a good idea , well twelve of the hundred here have er , eighty eight say no , of those twelve would you recommend it ? , did it make you feel better ? , yes
12 Well let's just take a step backwards .
13 Let's just take a break for a minute .
14 So let's just have a look then at what our statutory rights are under the Sale of Goods Act .
15 Let's , let's just have a look at what those phrases mean in plain Eng in plain English .
16 Now let's just have a look at some problem areas .
17 Let's just have a look at the dressing . ’
18 Let's just have a look at some of the statistics from that eventful first half and er an eye-catching one at the bottom there look fouls conceded twelve to Leicester four to Nottingham Forest .
19 Let's just have a look at this one again .
20 Let's just have a look
21 Let's just have a look at the erm , let's do the who 've we got , Bill ?
22 Right now , I 've got some data here which says , let's just have a look er well the important point is that , oh yes , okay , erm , I 'll just read this out developed countries dominate most aspects of world agricultural trade , as exporters or importers , they were involved in eighty seven percent of all world trade in nineteen eighty eight .
23 Before we move on , let's just have a look at those numerical estimates , can we look at the coefficients on income , notice that in this model because we 've logged both dependent and the independent variables , right , the coefficients that we estimate are elasticities , right , so we can read those coefficients off directly as elasticities and that 's the case for any model in which all the variables are logged right , in er , if we did n't log the data , in order to calculate the elasticity we have to multiply a coefficient the computer gives us by a erm price quantity ratio , price less , less part of the income constant ratio to obtain the income elasticities .
24 Right so the functional form test , if we look at the kie squared version , right , again we 've got a very small er test statistic implying there 's no breach of functional form right , the , the log er specification , right , seems to be working okay , there 's no problems with it erm if we now look at normality we 've got a bit of a problem with normality , right in that our test statistic is now four point nine , if we look at the critical value at the five percent level of kie when kie squared two , ah it 's not too bad , our five percent critical value of the kie squared two is five point nine nine , so although that test statistic is reasonably high , I mean you 'd probably reject , oh yes , we can reject the null at ten percent of normally distributed errors we would n't reject the null at five percent erm let's just have a look at in actual fact at those errors to see what the problem is .
25 Let's just have a look at what happens as we increase the lab , the labour output .
26 Let's just have a look at what you 've actually achieved .
27 Let's just have a look at them have you got the general conditions here ?
28 Now let's just have a look at what we 're doing .
29 and it 's a case of er if you 're talking to somebody about pension requirement it would be a case of Mr Prospect let's just have a look , let's imagine today is the last day that you 'll be working as a carpenter .
30 Let's just have a look .
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