Example sentences of "[modal v] be say [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 This means that something at least must be said about alternative types of ambiguity , although a detailed treatment would be well beyond the scope of this book .
2 It might be say at equal opportunities which we 've worked at a very great deal over the last year .
3 But if you do live in a village you will almost certainly know your vicar , and the same could be said of inner-city communities .
4 Much the same could be said of academic journals , for example , in which the development of a particular format contributes to the authority of any one article .
5 Seisin is a root of title , and it may be said without undue exaggeration that so far as land is concerned there is in England no law of ownership , but only a law of possession .
6 And what is said of the resurrection may be said of other miracles .
7 Still , some things may be said with reasonable assurance .
8 It may be said in general that the designer of a superconducting circuit needs to worry about the response time and energy of superconducting electrons .
9 That is to say they believe that God was in some sense differently related to particular events , or may be said in particular to have revealed God 's self through those events , in a way in which this is not true of all other events or periods in history .
10 What we mainly have in answer so far , about causes and causal circumstances , is that they stand in seven connections — the last three of which are also fundamental to what will be said of nomic correlates .
11 A bit more will be said of particular features of the metalinguistic and possible-worlds proposals , but let us first consider something common to both of them and indeed to other proposals .
12 Returning from our detour , what , if anything , can be said about regulated and publicly owned companies compared with public liability companies ?
13 There are four related conceptual differences between epistemic and perspectival appearances : ( 1 ) Epistemic appearances are subjective , whereas perspectival appearances are objective ; ( 2 ) It makes no sense to say that X appears to be φ to Y but Y does not know it , whereas it does make sense to say that X presents such-and-such a perspectival appearance to the point of view Y occupies but Y does not know it ; ( 3 ) X can appear to be φ to Y only if Y possesses the concept φ : nothing similar can be said about perspectival appearances ; ( 4 ) Epistemic appearances are related to their objects by being true or false of them , whereas perspectival appearances are related to their objects mathematically .
14 Taken together , these problems raise the issue of whether anything useful can be said about Black women from a research tradition which has failed to engage with their lives .
15 The same can be said about Constant Lambert 's arrangement of Auber 's music for Ashton 's Les Rendezvous and Meyerbeer 's for Ashton 's Les Patineurs .
16 Games are an integral part of any school 's curriculum and the same can be said for New College , but all the pupils are blind or have got very little sight .
17 Some of these books are raw as hell , but whether the inspiration comes from Jilly Cooper or Thomas Hardy , Iceberg Slim or Samuel Selvon , what can be said for sure is that the Black British Novel is here to stay , giving voice to a bunch of people with a whole mess of new stories to tell .
18 All that can be said for certain is that I respond to all of it — vixen , trees , plants , birds , the lot — but it does not respond to me . ’
19 The same can be said for working-class , black and other oppressed groups .
20 But if Marxist thinkers have not , on the whole , contributed very profoundly to the study of nationalism , much the same can be said of other major sociologists .
21 The same can be said of individual schools .
22 Leaving aside several other good attempts to explain the difference between causes and causal circumstances and their effects , and also what can be said of great obstacles in the way of these attempts ( Mackie , 1974 , Ch. 7 , 1979 ; Ayer , 1984a ; Sanford , 1976 , 1985 ; Papineau , 1985b ; Honderich , 1986 ) , let us return to and concentrate on our ordinary convictions about the difference .
23 Exactly the same can be said of ethical and psychological categories , or any critical categories whatever . ’
24 Many writers have expressed the view that intonation is used to convey our feelings and attitudes ; for example , the same sentence can be said in different ways , which might be labelled ‘ angry ’ , ‘ happy ’ , ‘ grateful ’ , ‘ bored ’ , and so on .
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