Example sentences of "[modal v] [verb] [be] for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 So , I think that in the opinion of Miller the family was the most important thing for B. and should have been for Eddie and all parents , but the priority for Catherine was her own life and I think that as far as Miller is concerned she is right , because she has a whole future ahead of her while B. and Eddie have settled down .
2 Must have been for Gail then .
3 We have seen what a struggle it must have been for men in the late 18th century to keep body and soul together — how much worse , then , for their womenfolk .
4 He drew her close again and they fell silent , Rachel reflecting on how hard it must have been for David not to have told her what had really happened between himself and her sister , then another thought struck her .
5 In general this is all that you need to complete most documents , the only extra frames you 'll need are for images .
6 The ceremony will be a bitter-sweet reminder of what might have been for Princess Margaret , forbidden from marrying her divorced sweetheart Peter Townsend .
7 And erm what I 'd like is for Dennis is to explain a little about how far we 've actually got with the C E D G approach to the introduction of I S O Nine Thousand .
8 This may have been for meals during the day while living elsewhere , or perhaps it was to make existing accommodation there more adequate for his use .
9 However gratifying this may have been for Stirling , one distinct step was taken to clip his wings and stop his independent lobby of senior officers .
10 Thus although the rating tasks performed in this study are not uncorrelated with the risk and accident estimates previously obtained for the stimuli from Study 2 there is no reason to assume that subjects were unnaturally concentrating on risks in the way they may have been for Studies 1 and 2 .
11 Crucial as this innovation may have been for co-ordination , it has contributed to an increased sense of ‘ distance ’ between policy makers and implementers in a policy system that operates primarily in a unified , top-down , manner .
12 Enthusiastic as some of the clergy may have been for war and seduced as they sometimes were by their own eloquence and propaganda for it , they were less eager about the burdens which it entailed .
13 It is only necessary to reverse the meaning of the sentence to realize how difficult it would have been for Baldwin to have given a negative answer .
14 The friend said : ‘ The ideal solution would have been for Camilla to break off with Andrew , but it never happened .
15 Yet this admission was not so grievous for Tate as it would have been for others .
16 First , LAWER is viewed as the caring response of doctor and relatives for the patient , whose wishes , they feel ‘ confident ’ , would have been for life to have been ended .
17 More than enough work for at least one such practitioner must have existed in most towns , as there would have been for slaters , tilers and masons in those areas where building stone was in regular use .
18 Alternatively , if the company fell on hard times , the instrument took on not only a debt , but a highly onerous debt feature when the company 's need would have been for equity .
19 In such cases virtually the whole award would have been for pain and suffering .
20 The best advice anyone can give is for people to get their hands on a copy of the official festival programme and to plan their own agenda .
21 Indeed , the greatest praise an innovation can receive is for people to say : ‘ This is obvious !
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