Example sentences of "[be] think [prep] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The bags of fertiliser are thought to be similar to those found at Fallswater Street in west Belfast last week .
2 It has been argued that supply is more likely to show a positive response to relative price increases which are thought to be temporary than those that are thought to be permanent .
3 But this does not rule out a high response to real wage changes which are thought to be temporary : for example , suppliers of labour may well want to take advantage of a temporarily high real wage by supplying more labour , taking leisure ( that is , supplying less labour ) when the real wage has fallen back .
4 Northumbrian , Wessex , Southern and Yorkshire are thought to be vulnerable .
5 Bangladeshi babies are thought to be vulnerable , and they sleep close to other people both day and night ; at night they are either in the mother 's bed or in a cot next to it , a practice also reported by Farooqi et al .
6 Particular approaches are thought to be supportive of commercial activity and are adopted with this end in view .
7 Efforts to identify the coeliac toxic amino acid sequence , which presumably acts as a T cell immunogen , have focussed on the wheat prolamin , gliadin , whose four subfractions α , Β , and γ , are thought to be toxic to patients with coeliac disease .
8 At least 80% of heart attacks in men under 45 are thought to be due to cigarette smoking [ 5 ] .
9 in pairs are thought to be clever dicks , sorry .
10 Judges who thumb their noses at presidents are thought to be good for democracy .
11 Prospects for new work are thought to be good .
12 Some of the representations are thought to be actual portraits .
13 If the effects of marking to the market are thought to be substantial , these can be reduced by tailing the futures position used in the arbitrage .
14 Dicta to the contrary in McPhail v Persons Unknown [ 1973 ] 3 All ER 393 are thought to be applicable only if in the High Court .
15 In the modelled docked structure , residues 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 of CsA protrude out into the solvent , and are thought to be involved in binding the effector protein , calcineurin .
16 Lithified materials may require little more than decision on the orientations of thin sections needed for later examination under the optical microscope , but special slide preparation and cementing media may be required , particularly if soluble minerals are thought to be present ( see Chapter 4 ) .
17 Most mammals apart from man are thought to be unaware of colour , or the differentials between wavelengths in the light to which their eyes are sensitive .
18 If these are thought to be appropriate for the person you are going to be in touch with , then the local Christian bookshop will undoubtedly stock a range .
19 Rules of interpretation are thought to be effective in the orderly ascription of meaning to objects and events .
20 Keith Pringle ( ‘ Gender politics ' 4 March ) asserts that because of male socialisation and the fact that 77 per cent of abusers are thought to be male , all men may have some potential to commit sexual abuse .
21 Most are thought to be harmless , but about a dozen appear to be toxic .
22 Coun. David Lyonette ( Lab ) said he was surprised to find that bus diesel engines are thought to be major contributors towards town centre air pollution .
23 Interestingly these regions of the mouse genome are thought to be paralogous or ancestrally related ( 71 ) .
24 The differences are thought to be functional differences in the nervous system .
25 Cuts in benefits and a public sector pay freeze are thought to be likely .
26 One hundred and twenty people are thought to be dead and more than fifty are injured in what 's thought to be China 's worst air disaster .
27 Dietary deficiency , low circulating oestrogens , hypercortisolism , laxative misuse , and disturbed acid-base balance are thought to be responsible .
28 Pesticides washed from farms and gardens into creeks and ponds are thought to be responsible .
29 In turn , the problems and difficulties themselves are thought to be irremediable ( Hargreaves 1975 , Leach 1977 ) , in the sense that they can not be resolved in the usual school or classroom context .
30 At least two IRA cells are thought to be active on the mainland .
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