Example sentences of "[be] say [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A trade union or union official calling its members out on strike is therefore protected but it has been said to be arguable that an individual striker has no protection against a claim that he uses unlawful means when he withdraws his labour because this situation does not appear to fall within section 13(1) .
2 The canvassing by a member of other members of the court , for or against a forthcoming application , has been said to be improper : Macdougall v. Miller ( 1900 ) 8 S.L.T. 284 ; and has led to proceedings being quashed : R. v. Ferguson ( 1890 ) 54 J.P .
3 The following are some of the features that have been said to be characteristic of primitive societies .
4 Freud 's work has been said to be unusable for this reason — that is , that it , too , was based on a biased sample .
5 They are communities in the sense that one has a sense of ‘ belonging ’ in them , and in the sense that Shetlanders belonging to each are said to be distinguishable by special characteristics in dialect or , less often ( and more humorously ) , by difference in mentality and general attitudes .
6 The differences in organisation are said to be due to innate ability , and the kind of experience received .
7 The research and development costs of these drugs are said to be close to £10-£15 million .
8 The Japanese are said to be keen to invest more , but worry about the safety of their executives there .
9 The low and high-pass , L-C , ladder filters already discussed in this section are said to be constant-k filters because the product of the series and parallel impedances is independent of frequency , which fact can be expressed in terms of a constant k as For the low and high-pass filters considered , k is just .
10 Accordingly , shorelines are said to be submergent or emergent depending upon the most strongly marked characteristics present .
11 When two closely related species have similar behavioural patterns or capacities , and this similarity is due to their having a common origin , then the behaviours are said to be homologous .
12 Each cooking function can be used singularly or simultaneously and the controls are said to be simple to operate .
13 ( ii ) The polynomial unc and the above polynomial unc are said to be equal iff ai = bi for all on-negative integers i .
14 All those serving at Upper Heyford are said to be shocked .
15 Mr and Mrs Key are said to be grief-stricken and still undergoing therapy after the loss of their baby sons .
16 In some cases where peasant movements have taken place , they are said to be clientelist-based .
17 The main reasons for these changes are said to be economic pressures , grant aid , and a gradual replacement of older , smaller , and more conservative farmers with younger , larger and more profit-orientated farmers .
18 Moore is not denying that such elucidation is sometimes needed and possible , but bringing home to us that this is never what is going on when all things with a certain complex property are said to be good .
19 The forgeries are said to be good quality copies .
20 It is well known that responses to a stimulus presented off-centre will be faster when made by the limb on the same side of the body as the stimulus appears , that is , when stimulus and response are said to be compatible ( Fitts and Seeger , 1953 ) .
21 These solids are said to be amorphous .
22 The force-carrying particles exchanged between matter particles are said to be virtual particles because , unlike " real " particles , they can not be directly detected by a particle detector .
23 Sponsors Dunlop are said to be unhappy with it and wanted it axed from the 1993 calendar .
24 Improvements are expected in 1993 though and the prospects for US operations Polysonics and Brandt , now managed by the same team as Peek Measurement , are said to be encouraging .
25 Such waves are said to be capable of setting up oscillations which may damage a jointed structure , as the increases and decreases of pressure tend to pull jointed blocks away .
26 Until now we have considered practices within a society , and allowed that if these fail to complement each other they are said to be contradictory .
27 Thus in the valuable Brockman Iron Formation of the Hamersley Basin , bands about an inch thick are said to be correlatable over an area of some 20000 square miles and even microscopic varves within those bands can be traced over 185 miles .
28 They are said to be similar to material distributed previously by Mr Round .
29 Eyes closed , the girls move in perfect synchronisation — even though they are said to be untrained in the intricate pattern of the dance .
30 Two matrices , A , B are said to be equivalent if one can be derived from the other by any finite number of elementary operations of the types specified above .
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