Example sentences of "[be] [verb] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 All 3 political groups are pitching for increased spending , Labour is likely to propose a budget around £320 million , the Liberal Democrats around £314 million and the Tory group up to £310 millions , all of them well above Government guidelines of £306 million .
2 For example , in the provisions for extension of time , an extension may be given if the works are delayed for any reason beyond the control of the contractor ( a clause of much wider scope , incidentally , than in other JCT contracts ) , and the contractor is not required to provide information to assist the supervising officer in making an extension .
3 And the pressures are probably much greater within the public sector , if only because of the difficulty of obtaining further employment in the public sector if one has been dismissed for disciplinary reasons .
4 Gen. V. Dovgan , a senior military-industrial administrator , had been dismissed and stripped of his rank after it had been revealed that he informally approved the sale of the tanks to ANT , and Deputy Aviation Industry Minister Anatoly Bratukhin had been dismissed for gross violation of arms export regulations .
5 In the sample design programme , the effect on sampling errors of clustering the sample — usually in wards or polling districts — has been examined for different types of questions and for different population subgroups .
6 The victims are gathered for quick repairs before another round .
7 In the Septizonium , an ancient Roman temple at the south-east corner of the Palatine , which had long since been annexed for other uses , safe from outside interference and imperial troops , for it was still possible for emperors to attempt to interfere with elections , the election commenced after each cardinal had celebrated mass and all of them had exchanged the kiss of peace .
8 The sentence of Poindexter 's former subordinate , Oliver North , had been overturned for similar reasons in July 1990 [ see p. 37605 ] , but the appellate panel now went further by refusing to allow Walsh to return to the trial judge and attempt to show that the trial testimony was not tainted , as had been permitted in North 's case .
9 Index figures are calculated for each artist in each succeeding year .
10 Recall and precision scores are calculated for each search .
11 Because the concern here is with general trends and not annual variations , the rates are calculated for five year blocks .
12 The plenum had been delayed for several months , allegedly because of divisions over economic policy between the central and provincial authorities .
13 Following the elections to the Basque parliament on Oct. 28 , 1990 , the formation of a new regional government had been delayed for three months due to the breakdown of talks between the two parties which had made up the previous governing coalition — the Basque Nationalist Party ( PNV ) , which had emerged as the largest single party , with 22 seats , and the Basque Socialist Party ( PSE-PSOE ) which had been beaten into second place .
14 Though since to find an alternative word was n't going to alter matters at all by the look of it , Fabia began to wonder if perhaps Vendelin Gajdusek was coming back from Prague today to keep his appointment but had been delayed for some reason or another .
15 Since the rate of repayment is reviewed only once annually , quite often the effect of mortgage rate rises has been delayed for some months , allowing the borrower to prepare for the increased cost .
16 Long service awards for trio of Terriers THREE part-time soldiers with nearly 70 years in uniform between them have been honoured for long service .
17 Awards are given for outstanding achievement in the protection and enhancement of the architectural and natural heritage , the improvement of the environment and the encouragement of high standards of architecture in town and country planning throughout Europe .
18 No marks are given for superb answers to questions that you have invented !
19 ( b ) Ten Fridays and four half days are given for private members ' motions .
20 Example tasks are given for each skill in relation to a particular content area .
21 Lists are given for each centre .
22 Median and interquartile ( 25th to 75th centiles ) range ( IQR ) values are given for each group , since the data do not conform to a Gaussian distribution .
23 Logically they apply to tenants as well as to owner-occupiers and are given for all displacements , whether by compulsory purchase or any action under the Housing Acts .
24 Another problem is that if the remedies are given for long periods , as they often are , the patient may start to prove the remedy , developing a new set of symptoms .
25 A number of different dates are given for these events in Molla Husrev 's career by various authors , both early and late .
26 The RI ( α ) for the TCR- β mutant thymocyte sample is 28 , meaning that 28% of the chromosomes have undergone a VαJα rearrangement. 5'J α 1/C α ratios ( shown in table below ) are given for different DNA samples .
27 Instructions are given for several neckbands , but everyone has their own pet neckband .
28 These auxiliaries may be used when required at the discretion of the individual cataloguer ( unlike DC where specific instructions are given for most applications of the Tables or the ‘ add to ’ device ) .
29 We er emphasised to him the impact this would have on Oxfordshire 's er spending requirements and er the hope that the er spending that we get , and we get it in two ways ; one is through , called the standard spending grant , that is a general grant that was given to authorities to spend as they wish , and the other is a specific grants which are given for particular purposes , and some of them cover the legislation that I have mentioned , which we are required to spend specifically on the items for which they 're given .
30 The charity still continues but as well as maintaining and providing extras for the school , grants are given for further education or books .
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