Example sentences of "[be] [conj] [pron] [verb] the " in BNC.

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1 Does my right hon. Friend agree that the two essential components for a policy of nuclear deterrence are that one possesses the capability and that a potential enemy does not doubt one 's willingness to use it in order to defend oneself ?
2 The advantages of films , video-tapes and MEDIATRON programmes are that they allow the careful preparation of material which is recorded and so can be used many times .
3 Until quite recently the outstanding problem with many recordings of music before 1600 has been that they reveal the lack of tradition behind their vocal and instrumental practice and therefore suffer from an inevitable slide towards solipsism .
4 ‘ For the railway monopolies , it has always been that they wanted the data network modernised .
5 A disadvantage of team teaching , of course , has been that it required the teacher , normally an individualistic person accustomed to complete authority within the four walls of his classroom , to sink his authority and his subject speciality within a group .
6 The second could have been that whoever ordered the manuscript took seriously Rameau 's silly claim that the keyboard part was self-sufficient and that no one hearing a solo performance of this music would guess that anything was missing .
7 I am what I am and I represent the Queen through the Lieutenancy
8 You do n't think it 'll be once they put the money
9 It may be that they left the gate open when they went , and Joe just trotted out . ’
10 In this case it would possibly be that they had the name of the subscriber but …
11 It might be that they lead the opinions of a group of three people , ten people or thirty , but those opinion-makers are the key .
12 For others it might be that they want the relationship to end completely and do not want to be financially dependent on their former partners ( Bradshaw and Millar found that a fifth of those not receiving maintenance said that they did not want any ) .
13 Assuming that all the materials you have are equally suitable for your students , the main distinguishing feature of the video materials is likely to be that they provide the most realistic examples of the language in use .
14 The Marxist ethical imperative seems to be that whatever advances the cause of the proletariat or the advent of communism is ‘ ideologically correct ’ .
15 It may be that she commissioned the piece under the influence of the Norman history written for her brother Duke Richard II by Dudo of St Quentin , while some have thought it political propaganda intended to influence events after Cnut 's death .
16 It may well be that he took the place of Thomas Hitchcock who had been apprenticed to the same master nine years previously .
17 So severe does Naylor believe this question of interdependency to be that he devotes the whole of his 1986 study to an attempt to develop an alternative to the portfolio matrix .
18 gentleman came to this house it seemed to be that he challenged the establishment and many of us welcomes that view it seemed to give a breath of fresh air , but now it seems to me that he 's become entirely institutionalised , can he explain that to the house ?
19 The result will often be that he wins the race .
20 Secondly , he was a glaciologist and it may well be that he persuaded the pilot to swin' away to the east .
21 Now you may as a manager think well you do n't have to do it all yourself , you can use senior people within your section who have the knowledge or you can use training officers or you can use people like ourselves at the training centre or the C B T or the I Vs or it could be that you bring the marketing department to help you out .
22 Although this may be unwelcome , particularly if you are very fond of the place in which you live , the alternative may be that you spend the next few years in a state of anxiety and misery because of money worries .
23 Another effect of the phrase would seem to be that it enables the person uttering the remarks or engaging in the behaviour to assert that he was unaware of the presence of his audience , which duplicates the requirements of intention now built into the section .
24 The only possible explanation of this radiation , which corresponds to a temperature of about 3K ( 3 C° above the absolute zero of cold ) , seemed to be that it represented the residual energy left over from the Big Bang .
25 The one good effect of the poll tax may be that it forces the sale of these empty properties to people who will breathe new life into half-dead communities .
26 The matter was first drawn to our attention as far back as 1974 when the nuclear industry inspectorate 's chief inspector said this about the consequences of developing reprocessing in the United Kingdom : ’ The price for Britain of building lucrative business world-wide in nuclear fuel services could be that it becomes the dumping place for the world 's nuclear waste . ’
27 The main criterion for an engine , says Mr Nearn , has to be that it fits the car .
28 Just think how much of a better place school would be if EVERYONE loved the Jesus way !
29 I will be if I have the strength .
30 How different the picture might be if you had the protection of the Midland Personal Accident Plan .
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