Example sentences of "[be] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Together , these two chapters constitute an attempt to address the question I consider to be of overriding importance , which is not whether male/female differences exist ( they do ) , what they are or what causes them , but what they mean : what significant social uses are made of them , or more accurately of discourse about them .
2 The advantages of longitudinal studies are that they make it possible to study change over time , though as a series of snapshots rather than as a continuous process .
3 First impressions are that he offered them a recipe of component parts from many different guitars and the result is a sort of nouvelle cuisine which leaves this weary plucker scratching his head .
4 If you find a new diet in a magazine , or you decide to lose weight , the chances are that you pick your day for starting but make no special preparation plans .
5 The advantages of friendship are that you have someone who can help you in any difficulties , you can have fun together and share the same experiences .
6 The other advantages of a freezer are that it enables you to store food that can be brought out in an emergency when you have unexpected guests , or to store certain foods in bulk , such as bread , to save you from frequent trips to the shops .
7 Well the theoretical advantages are that it makes it er a , a lot more er predictable for businesses to trade with Europe .
8 It could have been that someone forced him down , and held his face under .
9 So deep in thought had she been that she reached her destination before she 'd made any definite plans about how to proceed .
10 Berowne 's only explanation had been that he felt it was time for his life to take a new direction .
11 Defence lawyer Tony Cinnamond said , however , that Wightman 's recollection of the events were hazy due to drink and it could have been that he struck her and her head banged against the wall .
12 Yeah , I mean I The important thing is I think the children do recognize the differences , not that they do n't notice the differences , because they 're Like you say they 're capable of using the other if it if it suits them .
13 So if you 're if you find you have some very violent and aggressive people working for you , put them in a pink room to have their sandwiches , so .
14 ‘ They 're as I want them .
15 ‘ Well , Miss Abbott , you know where I am if you need me .
16 These men do n't need to be very tough to put the fear of Sigmar into your foe — he wo n't know how hard they are until he faces them .
17 Also the other men and women I represented when I became convenor they made me what I am and I thank them .
18 The US Masters champion added : ‘ I always try to defend a title but I have sweated my guts out in America this year to get where I am and I feel I am entitled to play .
19 We want to know the lot , where you 'd been and what time you left him . ’
20 erm I do n't think our culture is the worst that 's ever been and I think there 's a tendency sometimes to try to sort of overstate that .
21 We should shortly know who the new owners of Showerings are and what plans they have for the company .
22 Forestry commission estimate that fifty million people a year visit their forest , walking how people are and what have you .
23 ‘ They have a basic need to know that someone loves them , but some of these children are not secure about who they are and who loves them .
24 and when he said er , you know he said you know well , er , you like a cigarette the doctor said , yeah , and my dad was so proud of this , you wan na cigarette yeah , you can smoke if you 're , there you are and he said it , it was n't the cigarettes
25 There you are and I know what you 're going to say
26 Er human testing and immunizations is still going gone in this are and I hope it wo n't ever stop .
27 Well , so there you are and I told them , he he said that he wanted erm a urine sample you see and so of course when the nurse come after he 'd gone , later and I kept waiting and I thought to myself well I want to know the result !
28 When I call out your number you jump up and you say , if you are and I say you say .
29 And Sierra 's are if something jerks it cuts the fuel line dun n it ?
30 Even the difficulties you 've had if you want to go about it , where the central problems are if you think there are any particular ones .
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