Example sentences of "[be] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Are you telling me the old bat did n't pass it on ? ’
2 Yes , but are you telling me the abs absolute and utter truth ?
3 Are you giving me the sack ? ’
4 Why are we offering you the chance of such a fantastic windfall ?
5 Why are we offering you the chance of such a fantastic windfall ?
6 The celebrant was to be something calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain ( Marxist-Leninist ) .
7 Thing is I bet you the spikes that goes exactly next door to him I 'll paint yellow .
8 Yeah I mean if you 're looking at quantitative things it 's really you know how much actual How much variation happens whereas qualitative is you know what the actual variations
9 no well , what they do is they tell you the earliest you can leave and then you can leave after that if you prefer
10 Is he telling them the way to get to our house , to get to our house ?
11 That 's what got me the two years inside , pal .
12 that 's what gave them the sort of , the idea to set it up but I mean Aston is good because now we 're n now we 're not
13 Sometimes I think that 's what gave me the strength to deal with all that 's happened to me since , ’ she says .
14 That 's what gave me the idea . ’
15 That 's what gives them the power .
16 And that 's what gives you the pain right at the front .
17 The reason the Royal Show is international is not because we say it is ; it is because the international visitors choose to visit the Royal Show and that is what makes it the most international agricultural show in the world .
18 We might suggest that in conceiving the rule for + 2 , we somehow already conceived all the instances , and this is what makes it the case that the ‘ correct ’ interpretation is correct .
19 I closed the gap , but he had gained at the start and that is what gave him the advantage at the finish .
20 I believe it is possible to propose an explanation for the intuitive feeling one gets that the -ing form would be somewhat inappropriate here : the author is describing a person who is groping for anything which will reassure her before she meets her angry father and the mere fact that she is able to perceive objects which are familiar to her — when she feels so disoriented that she can take nothing for granted — is what gives her the sense that she is neither shirking nor lying .
21 Was she wearing it the day you were kidnapped ? ’
22 Well she was she served me the other day , Dawn
23 Was he telling her the truth ?
24 Or , on second thoughts , knowing that she could probably hear their conversation , was he sending her the message to disregard any idea that his kisses might have had meaning behind them ?
25 Someone of my acquaintance once broke her ankle by falling over in the bathroom and while she could have dragged herself quite easily along the floor to a telephone in the bedroom if she had had one , as it was it took her the best part of an agonising hour to struggle down the stairs to the phone in the living room .
26 That was what gave me the due .
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