Example sentences of "[conj] you [verb] [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Eating and drinking is particularly good value — you can get a 6 course ‘ Mezes ’ meal , where you get lots of small dishes of Turkish delicacies for about £3 although a good bottle of wine may set you back 70p !
2 It causes no pollution , either in terms of fuel consumption or noise , yet finding yourself suddenly cowering in the shadow of a huge coloured parachute at the top of a hill where you imagined yourself to be alone , bursts the illusionary balloon of solitude and remote wilderness for me .
3 Right , and you get them to something that you can deal with , because the one thing you can not deal with right , we want to think it over , it is n't matter where you take them to , right whether it 's the bathroom window , whether it 's the one in
4 We talk later in this chapter about the use of other people 's words , making the point that one problem with other people 's words is that they usually make more sense where they come from than where you put them in your essay .
5 And that if you do n't pick them up and put them back where you got them from , they are still there two weeks later , and the house looks a bit of a tip .
6 That means where you got it from .
7 He seemed to have come to the deep , still centre of the sea : a place where you felt nothing , where you saw nothing except the coal-black atoms that danced before your face and knitted up the dark .
8 Now , the beauty of this sort of explanation , where you have everybody on your side , when you are dealing with somebody who is unpopular , when you are all desperately anxious to find a scapegoat , is that your argument is unlikely to be at all jealously scrutinised .
9 I was like a Desperate Dan cartoon where you see him with his hair standing on end .
10 You have to care for them , which means starting from where they are in life , not where you want them to be , and taking their lives and lack of belief seriously .
11 The patches can then be located where you want them among the preamp 's memory locations ( or programs ) , and then called up by a MIDI pedal .
12 Use water wisely , putting it exactly where you want it with a Soakerhose .
13 Buying direct from the charity , or a charity-run shop , is the best way to make sure the money goes where you want it to .
14 training your dog to relieve itself where you want it to .
15 It 's if it goes where you want it to that 's hard .
16 If you have n't received a questionnaire , or you know somebody in that category , please would you contact Kate Purcell or Jarlath Quinn at the School of Hotel and Catering Management , Oxford Brookes University , , .
17 Oh I 've been to , or you rephrase it in another way .
18 Oh we 've done two or three , we usually do one Well er I would n't regularly but probably one every year or you ken something like that .
19 Either you tip the dustmen to take it away or you take it to the tip yourself .
20 Eighteen forty six , eighteen forty eight , or eighteen fifty take a guess ca n't you or you have one in three chances this is one I did n't know , who were the Magi ?
21 And also , as he watched the boxer on the television , Boy began to think that there are two kinds of sex : the kind of sex where you say do this , do that , or you manoeuvre yourself into position for a particular kind of pleasure ; and then there is the other kind of sex , where you want not someone else 's body that had done those things the night before or the afternoon before .
22 If you ca n't move straight into your new home , or you find yourself with too many belongings , you may want to put some things into storage .
23 If something unexpected happens during an inner journey — perhaps one of your guides will appear when you were expecting your inner child , or you find yourself in a cave rather than on a riverbank — go with your own experience .
24 So I said do you want the truth or you want me to yourself ?
25 Scie Scientific or You want it in scientific mode if it says scientific
26 Outgoing FAXES are produced in much better quality than normal FAX machines as there is no ‘ scanning ’ of the original document — the only disadvantage is that you can not send an existing document , unless it has been previously sent to you , or you key it into Word processing or Desk Top Publishing .
27 Either that or you run yourself around ragged , and you go to sleep and then we get to one o'clock , two o'clock in the morning , and you wake up , and then what do you do ?
28 You can install the program on a hard disk if you have one , or you run it from two floppy disk drives .
29 If you do n't get to the finishing line through injury or you cross it in pain , seek help quickly .
30 " Womb " was an intimate and horrifying word although you heard it as the incarnation of the Virgin .
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