Example sentences of "[conj] is [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Well the money would be very welcome at a company that is again finding that computers are a gurgling cash drain , and a single outside investor is very different matter to a host of fractious small shareholders and institutional investors .
2 John , in his Gospel , seems to be following the date set by the Sadducees and is therefore saying that Passover day was on the Sabbath , the day after the crucifixion .
3 The Minister is backing away from the commitment that the Scottish Transport Group and the Government gave , and is now saying that the money must go back into the Treasury 's coffers .
4 If is often said that as people get older they care less what other people think , but it has never been so true as in the last 25 years , when women who were brought up to propitiate the more powerful sex gradually realised that it was no longer necessary — or , at least , not always necessary — to do so .
5 What we have done is we have erm been able to utilise some A C T capacity or generate some A C T capacity within one of the subsidiaries within the group um the reason for highlighting it highlighting it is not particularly to make a song and dance about it but is particularly to say that on the cash flow statement there is this in-flood and it is a one off in-flood we 're not going to be seeing that being brought forward every year , but basically what it is is we have profits in previous elements of the group which enabled us to generate A C T capacity enabled us to off set this A C T which we paid on dividends and bringing forward earlier than we would otherwise have done .
6 The academic who describes himself at cocktail parties with the words ‘ I am a physicist ’ or ‘ I am a historian ’ is saying something about his self-perception ( essentially a researcher , not a teacher ) ; but is also saying that he subscribes to the disciplinary code imposed on its practitioners .
7 As far as the Channel Tunnel is concerned it has reluctantly accepted the need for on-train immigration checks but is still insisting that customs checks must be carried out at the terminals , against the advice of commercial interests who see such checks as detrimental to the ‘ user friendliness ’ of the Tunnel .
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