Example sentences of "[conj] you have give them " in BNC.

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1 Old people are no fools , and can easily be hurt ; so however many things you have on your mind to be done when you get home , never leave them feeling that you have given them time that you have grudgingly spared .
2 Politicians do n't have time to read screeds , so you have to give them short , pithy things to look at , We were doing all this anyway , of course , but the chaps at Barton , including Andy , are working on it much more effectively since we were able to say definitely that the DTI civil servants were agin them .
3 But once they 're there , once you 've given them headroom , they seem pretty determined to stick around .
4 However , to my question : will your family be safe from the Church once you have given them Inky 's — Aspirant 's body ? ’
5 A programme does not have to be conventionally ‘ nine to five , structured but participants are more likely to accommodate themselves to unusual arrangements if you 've given them time for themselves .
6 does anybody remember particularly what they were given , or make a great deal about it , of a meal of it , unless you 've given them something absolutely outstanding like a fur coat , I remember the fur coat I was given in
7 The standard answer , given with that gleam of superiority that the young delight in , was , ‘ No , Dr Clarke , they are not suitable because you have given them a blood transfusion . ’
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