Example sentences of "[conj] you have give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Erm on , on yours in fact I could n't check sequence erm on the programme that you 'd given me because I did n't , I , I had know way of telling whether we did get a clash .
2 I 'll tell you give him a ring , tell him that you 've given me his , the telephone number and he should expect that I 'll give him a call in the next week
3 And it will be obvious to the person receiving your letter that you 've given it priority treatment , to ensure a speedy arrival .
4 This , however , is what we do , together with a big ‘ Thank you ’ for all the news and views that you 've given us in 1991 .
5 You have limited er suppliers who you choose er having heard the figures that you 've given us today erm i it seems to me that there is very little control of that expenditure .
6 Old people are no fools , and can easily be hurt ; so however many things you have on your mind to be done when you get home , never leave them feeling that you have given them time that you have grudgingly spared .
7 ‘ All the money that Sheikh Osman has used in the past few weeks in his war against the Copts is money that you have given him . ’
8 Try not to click with mouse and type on the keyboard while Windows is frozen because when it comes back it acts on all of the commands that you have given it — so apparently switching from a state of deep sleep to rapid activity that can look like another stage in a serious crash !
9 Make us more of a church body , Lord , using the gifts that you have given us in service for you and for one another , and learning form one another in humility .
10 Our thoughts are with the circles of family and friends that you have given us , and we pray for those we meet , our neighbours , the people we work with , those we encounter in shops and businesses .
11 Okay so you 've given you 've given us erm the same company as erm that mm that may present a problem with us .
12 Politicians do n't have time to read screeds , so you have to give them short , pithy things to look at , We were doing all this anyway , of course , but the chaps at Barton , including Andy , are working on it much more effectively since we were able to say definitely that the DTI civil servants were agin them .
13 Willie ‘ O ’ is a bit stronger and a lot younger than Mick so you have to give him a slight edge when it comes to form and fitness .
14 But once they 're there , once you 've given them headroom , they seem pretty determined to stick around .
15 We read the , read the agreements differently to what they did but he 'd lean towards the drivers , conductors and he gave away a lot of what had tried to erm stop them from having because they were n't really entitled to it but he saw differently and gave it away and course once you 've given it away you , no way of retracting it , but then came in and , well , I mean he was a real transport man , his , his vision and his ideas were really good and he made it what it is today .
16 However , to my question : will your family be safe from the Church once you have given them Inky 's — Aspirant 's body ? ’
17 ‘ Let Me show you how to live it , ’ but then once you have given Him your life He becomes distant ; you have to struggle to touch Him .
18 And you 've given me the impression you wanted to see me , too . ’
19 Which you and you 've given it an extra name of mumsy S L P .
20 Simon has told me he asked you and you have given him hope .
21 You have been a good friend to me when there was no one else ; and you have given me back my health .
22 Lewis felt ‘ as if you had given me a bottle of champagne …
23 ‘ I feel as if you 've given me a gift I 'm completely unworthy of .
24 A programme does not have to be conventionally ‘ nine to five , structured but participants are more likely to accommodate themselves to unusual arrangements if you 've given them time for themselves .
25 I would have thought if she would have sat in the chair , I mean well she could n't go the week aha I do n't young enough yeah , about a month ago she just peed of somewhere and some , I do n't know , she 's alright , I said yes she 'll be alright , I said I 'm going to start cooking so she said I got to take these Heather , I said well they 'll travel better in there , your father said you know Jane he said if you 'd given her a hand
26 Roger I 'd 've given it you a lot quicker if you 'd given me a list of jobs to work on .
27 ‘ And , if you 'd given me the chance to finish , you would also have heard me specify ‘ for the general collection ’ .
28 It would n't have surprised me if you 'd given me the boot there and then .
29 We 'd have mixed appetites if you 'd given it any thought .
30 I 'll give her a dose now , a small dose , and if you have to give her some tonight make sure it 's a very small amount . ’
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