Example sentences of "[conj] you give [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 He asked you for life , and you gave it to him —
2 I mean if you go it 's normally I chat about two lectures on that and you give lots of examples .
3 If you write a spreadsheet for somebody else , you might be using a sixty six megahertz four eight six duel processor erm , spaceship , and , somebody is using a steam driven I B M A T or something , and it runs quite acceptably on your machine , a reasonable speed , and you give it to somebody else on that steam driven thing , and it takes ages to do anything , and er , you press a button and they wait half an hour sort of thing .
4 as soon as possible , if you give them to me some time next week say Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , and we can say right , I want it Friday or Monday , okay , I 've just got to phone them and they will , they will put it on risk for you
5 ‘ I would n't sell one unless you gave it to me , ’ was Ray 's reply … in the next consignment was a four-inch monstrosity with a cryptic note : ‘ This is your gift , ha ha ! ’
6 Providing you give us at least seven days notice you wo n't lose any interest on the amount withdrawn .
7 Sign it before you give it to the pharmacist .
8 So I better 'ave it out , Annie , that 's if I can pawn me lace tablecloth for one an' six , same as you gave me on the watch . ’
9 So long as you give us at least thirty days notice , you can withdraw a minimum of £500 without penalty .
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