Example sentences of "[conj] i be give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Bowe has always said that I am the man he wants more than anybody and now that I am giving him the perfect opportunity , he is shying away from it .
2 Anne is abroad at the moment , doing some research , but she left a message with someone that I 'm to give her a ring when she gets back .
3 So , it 's three units that I 'm giving my siblings .
4 the work that I was giving him
5 We 've just finished the first round of waivers for people receiving the Home Care Service , and the criteria that I was giving you reflected those , and so when you get your letter , if you feel that you 've got particular financial problems or particular family situations we should take into account , erm then do get in touch with us and we 'll process it and we 'll set out a procedure for you in the letter that we send .
6 ‘ Maybe you do know more than I 'm giving you credit for , Cardiff , ’ said Rohmer .
7 " You asked me to report preliminary findings as soon as I could , so I 'm giving you a ring , " he said .
8 And I 'm giving you this ultimatum : tomorrow night I come into this bed and if you try to stop me , you 'll end up next door for the remainder of your days . ’
9 And I 'm giving it three wipes each time .
10 and the night we slept in the garden and the night before we went we , Mrs was taken ill and I was giving her , tepid sponges up and the towel where she was sleeping in the garden
11 ‘ I was out with Annsley one evening and I was giving him some stick about not putting something back into the game , ’ said Armstrong .
12 ‘ But I 'll need some support if I am to give him the service he wants .
13 If I were given my head , which I never am or will be ( for I am impotent .
14 ‘ I hardly think that it would help you if I were to give it . ’
15 So , for example , the lecture I 'm going to give you today is n't reflected at all in Arnold erm so er I think it 'd be helpful if I were to give you some indication of when there were and when there were n't .
16 Erm if I was to give you an option a choice of which market area you think you would be most happy with , where do you think ?
17 Which which company if I was to give you a choice , and the luxury that most recruiters do n't have .
18 If I was to give my life to this orchestra then I could not allow that someone throw me out at a moment 's notice .
19 Clearly , if I 'm to give my loved one a spade for Christmas , the answer is not to wrap it at all .
20 ‘ You 're very funny but I 'm giving you a warning .
21 But I 'm giving you four extra and taking these two out .
22 No , I certainly do n't think it should be , but I 'm giving you an example .
23 After I 'm giving him a tablet as well .
24 When I was given it I believed it came from Barbara Coleman .
25 Schoolgirl fantasies were fulfilled when I was given my own dressing room and bathrobe .
26 Right ah can we connect again with a couple of people we we coming up there if anybody out there er is a fan of Mary Whitehouse 's as I am give me a call and you know you know who I 'm talking to ring now .
27 It said , " I 'm probably saying more than I should , but as I 'm giving you the information without you asking for It , I do n't think it 's covered by the rules .
28 Though I 'm giving you fair warning that I wo n't stand for any more of your spiteful tricks .
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