Example sentences of "[conj] i [modal v] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Shut up , Diana , or I 'll give you a backhander . ’
2 Phil — ‘ Watch it , son , or I 'll give you a snog ! ’
3 Stop sniggering , Reg , or I 'll give you a smack in the mouth . ’
4 But like , Scott was going to me he was going to me , oh stop complaining or I 'll give you one your tit , like and I goes well I would n't mind so much if it was on my , I wear a bra all the time
5 Er I can put it in , in a bottle or I can give you tablets .
6 Well exactly , yes , she can give you a ring erm or I could give you a ring for that matter erm .
7 I could put it into Event , or I could give it to you for Time Out …
8 All of them would live more happily if they and the world remained in ignorance , and to try to achieve that I would give them the one gift I could .
9 I handed over my life 's savings and promised that I would give her the other nineteen and six before the year was up .
10 I 'll tell you give him a ring , tell him that you 've given me his , the telephone number and he should expect that I 'll give him a call in the next week
11 If you come up with that sort of material , then the American and English newspapers will publish an interview that I 'll give them ’ .
12 And I 've got a little chart that I 'll give you to do that on .
13 Er what we 'll do is that I 'll give you another eight of these , now if they 're a lot better just s give a ring in
14 On the other hand , if you report all to me it may be that I shall give you money .
15 And he uses a picture , he says , look , you 're gon na come and you 're , you 're drawing this water and you 're gon na come back tomorrow and get some more , and the next day you 'll come with your jugs and have some more water , and that 's the story of your life , coming back again , and again , and again but the , the water that I will give you , that wo n't be an external source outside of you , that 's gon na be within you !
16 The best answer that I can give him is that the fact that Mr. Thorpe had available to him the escape route of appealing to a health authority elsewhere in the country meant that the process was not carried to its conclusion in north Devon .
17 Now , I want the best for you , the best that I can give you , because in a way you belong to me now , and Ben there . ’
18 ‘ Oh , you were always a fool , Neil , always — a fool to think that I would be content to live on nothing with a younger son and a fool to reject me now that I can give you the life which you ought to be living . ’
19 When I said to you earlier erm there 's several ways in which you can help me now the main way you can help me is erm is er the way I do , the way I prefer to do business is by personal recommendations and you 've seen the service that I can give you , you 've seen , we 've been through your , your personal situation , your financial situation , have you found that of benefit ?
20 That I was n't in love with Nicola — which was true — and that I 'd give her up . ’
21 Erm , first of all I did promise to you that I 'd give you some idea of the sort of material would be on next week 's erm multiple guess questions , okay ?
22 The brochure also would have outlined a number of other aspects in in more detail than I could give you on the phone .
23 Thorfinn said , ‘ It deserves better than I can give it .
24 No , but my mum 's coming afterwards so I 'll give it to her then
25 ‘ I 've to go to the bank , ’ he heard Mister Tom say , ‘ so I 'll give you a deposit , like . ’
26 ‘ I can see you 're having trouble talking at present , so I 'll give you a lead .
27 ‘ I owe him my life so I must give him my life .
28 ‘ I would have had no objection to telling them the position , in all honesty we could have done that and I may give them advance warning next year . ’
29 Just le lea you 're leading them home so let them pick a bit of grass and then you go on into the yard and I 'll give them the breakfast , they have their breakfast and while they 're eating their breakfast you 're doing your horse and you get finished and then you go and have yours .
30 Give me it and I 'll give me it and I 'll just
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