Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [adv] what " in BNC.

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1 Although I endorse totally what the right hon. Member for Morley and Leeds , South ( Mr. Rees ) said and have doubts about how much of the debate will be reported , nevertheless , we have this privilege and opportunity , but our constituents do not .
2 The wind was high when I knocked at her door , and I heard a voice from within that I knew not what to make of , though it sounded like the lullaby of a Mother to her Baby .
3 It became clear from talking to parents that I had to see how what they said actually hooked up with their experience , the fine detail of it , and not to assume that I knew exactly what kind of lived experience lay behind a familiar form of words .
4 Do n't forget that I know exactly what you 're capable of ! ’
5 In fact , now that I think over what you just said , I 'm sure he 'll refuse .
6 It was n't until The Byrds ’ ‘ Untitled ’ double album came out with the liner notes explaining all about the string-bender that I found out what a fool I 'd been …
7 Just so I know exactly what I 'm doing . ’
8 I tried to chase it , but it was no good in the dark , and I went clear into a bog , and in the end I saw your light , so I picked up what was left and came along .
9 And erm so er er if people do that And er this this businessman , this week , he he rang and he he was sending messages via the secretary , instead of getting on the phone to me and and me finding out what there was , he finally he s he said There 'll be about an hour 's work .
10 ‘ I married for money , and I got just what I wanted .
11 And I know exactly what I want .
12 God 's going to get me back to work … and I know exactly what I 'm going to do .
13 Dr Sommerville , accompanied by a group of junior doctors ( the National Heart was considered a teaching hospital ) told me : ‘ I was looking at your case notes yesterday evening and I know exactly what the answer is — a transplant . ’
14 No one will believe this , and I know exactly what the town says about me , but I loved Iritnefert .
15 I know you , Lissa ; I know you far better than you think , and I know exactly what 's going on in that secretive labyrinth of a mind .
16 Anyway I were looking and I looked and I looked and I looked and I says well what cigarettes do you use for it ?
17 specialist or something or , or training to do , and I says well what , what do you pay his car insurance for then if his working ? , oh well he does n't earn enough
18 No just that he was you know , just a bit concerned that 's the logo thing and I thought well what does it look like ?
19 And I said well what happens to these extra tyres ?
20 He was in a fix — he had bought two papers and merged them together , and I was n't around , I was in New York , and I did the logo for him in a hurry , but I did n't have time to design a newspaper , nor was it the kind of thing for which he could pay a big design fee , so he described it on the phone and then he faxed me some pages of the existing papers , and I said well what you have to do is look at the old London Times and do that .
21 And I knew exactly what it was you they were talking about !
22 weather and I knew precisely what they meant .
23 For years father had been nagging away at him to take some interest and prove he had the Miletti flair , yet as soon as he tried to show a bit of initiative everyone got on their high horse about it , father especially , calling him a worthless junkie and I do n't what else besides .
24 And I do n't what you 're doing with that bloody there !
25 And I do n't what I get
26 The chairman of the division and I discussed endlessly what our strategy should be .
27 Rickie was literally dancing in circles around me as I walked down the dock towards his sister , but then he paused in his frenetic progress to light one cigarette from the stump of another , and I wondered just what perverted fate decreed that such a boy should receive a legacy of six million dollars .
28 And I care not what may be the motive of the parents who bring their children and want them offered to Christ in the sacrament of baptism it is the grace of God that is available for them there and I think we should be very thoughtful about these matters and try to take up either one position or the other .
29 And I think well what do they put in this type of thing and it really was n't that good was it ?
30 So this was a new strange quantum number , and I think really what happened as new quantum numbers became necessary to describe the new types of particles , people just began to think of more sort of strange names like charm and beauty and erm things like this , but they have no real connection with what we normally understand by charm and beauty , they are just quantum numbers .
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