Example sentences of "[conj] it is [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 The means of promoting consensus on the curriculum proved to be The National Curriculum 5–16 : a consultation document ( hereafter TNC ) , where it is argued that the national curriculum will help to raise standards by ensuring that all pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the compulsory period ; by setting clear objectives of what pupils should be expected to achieve ; by ensuring that all pupils , irrespective of their sex , ethnic origins or geographical location have access to the same curriculum offer ; and by checking on performance and progress at various stages .
2 In climatology the system has been adopted as providing a suitable framework and appears as the introductory foundation for Causes of Climate ( Lockwood , 1979a ) , where it is argued that the application of systems theory and mathematics has completely changed the subject of climatology .
3 That this order was sometimes carried out is now confirmed in The Secret Hunters by Anthony Kemp ( 1986 ) , where it is revealed that on Operation Loyton , to quote one example , captured S.A.S. soldiers were shot in the locality of Moussey , between Luneville and Strasbourg .
4 On the basis of 1 Chronicles 21 , where it is recorded that David incurred divine displeasure because he ordered a national census , some Christian leaders refuse to gather statistics of their membership .
5 The Museo Correr 's own permanent collection of Canova is displayed in the last of the series of rooms , the ballroom , where it is hoped that it can remain on permanent show .
6 Figure 9–3(b) illustrates the special ease where A and B have identical utility functions or , alternatively , where it is accepted that A and B ought always to be treated as if they had identical utility functions .
7 That not all have survived is made clear in " The New Guide to Islay , " 1900 , where it Is written that " On a plateau near Laggan farmhouse there was until recent times , a sheet of fresh water of considerable size called Lochan na Crannaig — which was drained . "
8 The cause of this effect is the oscillation in rotor velocity shown in Figs. 4.3 and 4.4 , where it is assumed that the system inertia is sufficient to maintain rotation even if the load torque temporarily exceeds the motor torque .
9 And this is what distinguishes the reading of literature from the reading of philosophy which requires that one understands as fully as possible what is meant , and where it is assumed that the writing will illustrate the meaning in a direct and immediate way .
10 Other researchers like Bickerton and Bailey work within a " dynamic paradigm " where it is assumed that " the individual is homogeneous and that variability results from the aggregation of internally consistent lects which are different from each other with respect to one or more linguistic features " ( Romaine 1982 : 11 ) .
11 Where it is determined that it is appropriate to report shares issued by subsidiaries in consolidated financial statements within minority interests rather than as a liability , it is necessary to determine whether they represent an equity or a non-equity interest .
12 ( b ) alternative , as in the cases of the provision of alternative facilities for the production , exhibition or publication of certain kinds of work , where it is believed that existing institutions exclude or tend to exclude these ;
13 The International M & A Network should be used where it is believed that the opportunity has international attractions .
14 Over at Pratt 's , the St James ' club where it is said that Tory leaders were made and unmade in the old days , you would never have guessed there was an election on .
15 Gran Canaria , the third largest of the Canary Islands , is an island of contrasting scenery , with a superb climate all year round , particularly in the south where it is said that the temperature never varies by more than five degrees .
16 Perhaps this a characteristic to be expected of a country where it is said that one person in every three is a civil servant and that it requires 72 government permits to open a mild bar .
17 Before I go on to deal with the other submissions which have been made , particularly those by Mr. Clough , who appears for the local authority , to support his submission that the order was wrong on the merits , there is one further aspect of the justices ' order and that is the second ground of appeal where it is said that the justices ought to have given the parties the opportunity of addressing them on the question as to whether prohibited steps orders rather than an interim care order , or rather than no order at all , should or could be made .
18 Therefore in such cases , where it is desired that the UCTA not apply , one method is to draft one contract for both goods and services , and not two separate contracts for each element .
19 However , where it is discovered that the tax law does not have the effect that the Government and taxpayers generally thought it had , there are circumstances in which it is right to introduce legislation to restore the position retrospectively to what it was thought to be .
20 Under the terms of the new law ( much of which remained classified ) covert action was defined as any " activity or activities of the United States government to influence political , economic or military conditions abroad , where it is intended that the role of the United States government will not be acknowledged or apparent " .
21 The Employment Appeal Tribunal accepted his argument , albeit reluctantly , saying that , in the experience of the members deciding the case , in practice a redundancy ‘ is accepted as having been shown where it is demonstrated that the actual job which the claimant was carrying out had ceased to exist ’ .
22 This is used mainly where tantrums are severe and where it is felt that stopping them altogether is too big a first step .
23 This is particularly so where it is felt that the consideration did not have a causative effect upon the authority 's determination and where the decision being impugned is not determinative of rights , such as a decision by a local authority to refer a landlord to a rent tribunal .
24 This is likely to be the case in formal hierarchical establishments where it is felt that the proper locus of decision making is at the top .
25 Where it is suspected that a piece is made up of unrelated fragments , the composition can sometimes be studied to sort out which fragments are original , or at least which ones belong together .
26 Where it is suspected that headgear is below the British Standard the assistance of a Forensic Science Laboratory could be sought .
27 Further procedures which may be undertaken in cases where more detailed information is needed or where it is suspected that there may be serious problems with vision include the visually evaluated response ( VER ) and the electroretinogram ( ERG ) .
28 This is particularly apparent in Central America , where it is estimated that seasonal migrants make up 70 per cent of the labour force employed in agriculture .
29 Where it is estimated that road noise on properties will be greater than the recommended maximum level of 68 dB ( A ) , noise intrusion should be reduced by the formation of earth mounds wherever possible and landscaped as part of the roadworks .
30 The Group operated primarily in [ location ] where it is estimated that it holds a 16% share of the replacement window market , above that of any competitor .
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