Example sentences of "[conj] it [is] [adv] that " in BNC.

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1 It 's not really clear whether this is a symbiotic relationship of some kind , or it 's just that the Gobies find the corals a convenient place to sit .
2 It 's not like that it 's just that I think it 'll help you to write it down and to think about it and to talk , talk to Kelly about it .
3 But you 've got to remember that it 's now that the whole question of Walter Machin has come up again because of the new interest in him , and the republishing of the books and so on .
4 And I mean it was er I accept that it 's hardly that that Russia perhaps was intervening in the interests of er of of erm of of of of er Russian policy in that area .
5 ‘ They do say that it 's there that thy Robemaker has his Workshops .
6 I 'm sure that it 's there that the police will be best advised to make their inquiries .
7 Having said that , it is entirely possible that one is being hopelessly naïve and that it is simply that the AIDS test has replaced the screen test as the sine qua non for any ambitious ingénue .
8 Does my right hon. Friend accept that it is right that he should restate the Government 's commitment to their policy in Northern Ireland , based on the rule of law ?
9 Unfortunately the single-copy fallacy , the idea that it is enough that there should be one copy of any book in existence , does have support even within the British Library itself .
10 We assume that it is enough that the new way will prove better than the old way once it has been tried for some time .
11 Let us pretend that it is only that Grainne is too far above me , and let us continue the pretence , for I do not think I can bear it any other way .
12 and I think we must recognise that it is only that many of the questions and questionnaire had they been displayed of what they wanted to propose .
13 In previous generations it was much less likely than it is now that grandparents would have lived to know their grandchildren as adults ( see chapters 2 and 3 ) .
14 Leeds is now the third largest city in England and the 20th in Europe , so it is right that it should have international ambitions .
15 America is the closest thing to a financial laboratory for these sorts of questions , so it is there that most of the answers should be sought .
16 In Rangoon contemporary and colonial Burma continue to co-exist decades after the British departure and it 's here that you will spend your first two nights at either the Inya Lake or Strand Hotel .
17 Get some movement out there we had a young , a young lady who er she name and she 's up front in the cabinet you know every opportunity she had she was looking for round the room , but not sort of in the round the outside all the time and it 's just that she wanted to be with a group of people all the time .
18 I mean I mentioned earlier the fact that it might be that people perceive sexual harassment , where in fact the behaviour has been perfectly appropriate and it 's just that the person perceiving it is unused to it , but I think that 's the minority of cases , incidentally .
19 You do n't need a Regional Authority all the way across the country all at once and you can actually bring a Regional Authority in , and it 's certainly that Scotland should have its own Parliament .
20 And so we have and it 's now that the war 's over , we 'll now see the press pressing and probing and trying to erm undermine John Major in the way they 've erm
21 And it 's then that you 're gon na work out how much you need
22 Judge Donald Herrod added : ‘ This is a very dramatic turn of events and it is right that this prosecution should not continue . ’
23 It is right that students be initiated into the conceptual apparatus , skills and ways of going on within the teacher 's own discipline ; and it is right that students therefore acquire the discipline required for the necessary understanding and competencies .
24 The PAC wants hard and fast information , and it is right that it should .
25 The Engineering Employers Federation says that its members ’ strongly support the Government 's objective of providing a balanced and effective framework of trade union and industrial relations law ’ and that ’ the step by step approach has been seen by all to have worked successfully and it is right that it should continue . ’
26 He insisted that no decisions about future spending had been taken , but he believed that it was right ‘ that there should be a widespread review and it is right that there should be a big debate . ’
27 Press hostility to this idea was scarcely free of self-interest , but there were bigger issues at stake and it is right that they prevailed .
28 In fact , language , through abstraction , is a much more efficient form or communication and possesses much more control over its interpretation , and it is rather that this difference in evocation is less likely to be evident in artefactual symbolism than in linguistic symbolism .
29 Just as important as establishing what to include is deciding what to exclude , and it is here that the purists may find cause to tar and feather us .
30 ‘ It is a bedrock of traditional liberalism to build on and it is here that we are likely to see the most substantial progress of all .
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