Example sentences of "[conj] it [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The ‘ pruning saw ’ normally sold for such work has teeth on two edges and , used in tight positions where it is invariably needed , great care and patience is essential to avoid the back edge causing damage to stems and growth that should not be harmed .
2 ON the edge of limestone country , Ease Gill is classic limestone : at its lower end it is a dry " alley with an impressive cavernous " kirk " , and further upstream it has the waterfall at Cow Dub where the beck leaves a pure white flowstone bed to drop twenty feet through a collapsed cavern into a deep pool where it is again cupped in limestone .
3 Their labour is taken from their own homes , where it is desperately needed , to serve in houses where people already have everything . ’
4 This facility for selective attention increases the processing power of our brains enormously by enabling us to direct our limited processing capacity where it is most needed .
5 This will mean that funding will go where it is most needed locally rather than according to a set of priorities determined in Whitehall .
6 The support available from IDB represents a carefully structured package which provides assistance in those areas where it is most needed .
7 Can we stabilise production where it is most needed , in the developing countries , or will their local political struggles always frustrate the establishment of a reliable and sustainable agricultural and natural resource-dependent plan ?
8 If so , they can be used to boost the lighting by aiming it where it is most needed .
9 If fairness is to be the test , the discount is neither an efficient nor effective way of targeting help where it is most needed .
10 The pipe is simply pushed home into the fitting , where it is instantly secured , without the need for tools or a blow torch , therefore there is also no risk of fire damage to furniture .
11 To assess and provide onward referral for individuals to specialist agencies , where it is reasonably considered that the individual 's personal difficulties adversely affect their functioning at work .
12 Even where it is positively established that the right person was questioned , who by being present at the time had the nominal responsibility for cleaning the surface in question , the true reason for the fault may lie elsewhere being the result of one or other of the following factors :
13 The Congress had been elected in March 1990 [ see p. 37322 , where it is misleadingly referred to as the republican Supreme Soviet , this being in fact the name of the standing legislature elected from the Congress ] .
14 This ‘ technology transfer ’ is a process of innovation , but it involves spreading existing technology from sectors where it is conventionally used throughout industry so as to provide added value and competitive advantage .
15 Sometimes it is omitted where it is historically expected to be present , and sometimes it is added where it is not expected .
16 This should be sited in the house or in an outbuilding , where it is simply plugged into a convenient socket outlet which acts as the on/off switch for the lights .
17 This is the text from More Poems , where it is simply entitled " DIFFUGERE NIVES , Horace : Odes iv 7 " : This poem might best be read alongside Gladstone 's version published a few years earlier , a conjunction of Victorian styles in which Housman 's poem comes off fairly well .
18 In either case , the articulatory loop could not be used in quite the same way as Hitch and Baddeley ( 1978 ) propose for memory , but would be more similar to its function in reading , where it is largely suppressed .
19 Any environmental health officer who is in doubt about the existence of that power should examine schedule 3 to the 1990 Act , where it is clearly set out .
20 Community policing continues to be afforded low priority and prestige within the police force , where it is generally characterised as ‘ social work ’ or not ‘ real ’ policing ( Fielding , 1991:170 ) .
21 Timeshare is not normally a solution SAVE would recommend for a historic house because so much of the expenditure goes on pure marketing , leaving too little for the building , but where it is well organized the outcome may be satisfactory .
22 The ordinary use of the term " correlate " , where it is ordinarily used , is perhaps for a type of individual rather than an individual .
23 Velcro also in evidence all over training shoes , holdalls and generally where it is least needed .
24 The cash has been sent on to HQ where it is sorely needed ( see our Spring issue ) .
25 It has performed superbly on the Swanage Railway where it is ideally suited to the kind of work undertaken at that location .
26 The smallest of all the pigs , the bullet-shaped pygmy hog lives in the tall grasslands of northern India , where it is highly endangered because of the practice of agricultural grass-burning and , lately , armed rebellion ( see ‘ Pigs in distress ’ ) .
27 WHO WILL guard the guardians in the Philippines , where it is rapidly becoming clear that President Aquino does not command her own army ?
28 Note the pp of the horn against the p of clarinet and bassoons in the last two bars , where it is merely completing their harmony .
29 That purchase added around 3 percentage points to its share of the liquid milk market , taking it to 16 per cent , where it is now snapping at the heels of the second-largest operator , Dairy Crest , the marketing subsidiary of the MMB , which claims a market share of around 17 per cent .
30 In 1963 , the car was donated to the National Tramway Museum , where it is now displayed , pending its return to native rails as a most remarkable survivor !
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