Example sentences of "[conj] it [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Although it later transpired that the RSSPCC were contracted by the Social Work Department to remove and question the South Ronaldsay children , at the time it was generally understood that Orkney 's own social workers were mainly involved .
2 Iraqi forces were debarred from using military aircraft , although it subsequently emerged that this had only been made explicit with regard to fixed-wing aircraft rather than helicopters .
3 By concession , rental income from surplus business accommodation is taxed under Sch D , Case I rather than Sch A. The Inland Revenue has commented that it normally accepts that current account and trade interest qualify for relief under s 393(8) , ICTA 1988 , as , under certain circumstances , will interest from the temporary lodgement of part of the current working capital in a bank deposit account .
4 The first is that it increasingly appears that LTP-like phenomena are not restricted to the hippocampus , but can under appropriate circumstances be shown in many other regions of the brain , including especially the cerebral cortex as Lynn Bindman in London , and Lyosha Voronin , in Moscow , have shown .
5 Rhetorically , Spenser 's text is organised so that it increasingly appears that Eudoxus has no counter-arguments to put to Irenius , such is the ostensible soundness of Irenius 's evidence and arguments .
6 AI stated that it strongly feared that the refugee population would be at risk of certain torture , ‘ disappearance ’ or execution if returned to Iraqi Government control .
7 It had no business goodwill and was not permitted to trade ; nor did it have shareholders ; ( 5 ) in failing to take proper account of the fact that it logically followed that if a local government corporation could sue for libel in respect of its governing reputation then so too could any institution of central government ( including , for example , a government department which was a statutory corporation such as the Department of the Environment ) ; ( 6 ) in the premises in considering that there was no uncertainty or ambiguity in English law in relation to the extent to which local authorities might sue for libel .
8 It follows that it also ensures that there is no possibility of the cylinder exploding due to pressure or overheating .
9 In a press conference in Rabat on Aug. 14 Hakim said that the attitude of the Algerian government , and specifically of Defence Minister Khalid Nezzar , had changed , and that it now recommended that a " rapid settlement " with Morocco be found .
10 And what it actually means if you see them like that it actually means that there are two beats in a bar and they 're dotted beats
11 Even music is so often used as a ‘ background noise ’ in shops and restaurants that it sometimes seems that we have forgotten how to listen to it .
12 She appeared to have forgotten about my not going to the funeral but that was before she started to lose the steps to the attic , so to speak , so it just meant that she chose to not mention it .
13 Just as it dislikes the thought of securitising its mortgage assets — ‘ why give away margin ? ’ asks Jon Foulds , its chairman since 1990 — so it also knows that underwriting the insurance it sells would eventually be more profitable than taking commissions from Standard Life .
14 SIR — It has already been reported that , contrary to official policy , the scientific merits of candidates for academic promotion in Italy are not given primary consideration by the members of the judging commission , so it often happens that a loser has a curriculum vitae ( c.v. ) clearly superior to that of a winner .
15 In post-war years , the Balloons remained in the war-time green livery long after the single-deckers , and it generally assumed that the 25 Coronations of 1953 were intended to replace them .
16 However , practice differs and it invariably happens that express provision is made only regarding two areas : non-competition/canvassing and non-disclosure/use of business secrets .
17 In consequence , many Members who put their names down will have only ill-formed ideas about what they want and it frequently happens that Bills presented are ill-prepared or misconceived .
18 In Wyatt v Kreglinger and Fernau [ 1933 ] 1 KB 793 the restraint was contained in a letter dealing with the plaintiff 's retirement rather than in his contract of employment and it effectively said that the defendants would pay him a pension if he refrained from working in the wool trade .
19 And it just seemed that that was the time to give up the tenancy .
20 His argument is that the density wave is of a different kind , the so called long wave mode , which propagates from the centre of the Galaxy outward , such a wave pattern rotates much more rapidly than the short wave mode and it just happens that , if this picture is correct , our Solar System is almost exactly at the place in our Galaxy where it orbits at the same speed as the wave ( Astrophysics and Space Science , vol 89 , p 61 ) .
21 And it just happens that Digital is the only company to make it work .
22 There was no colour bar , because normal rules are applied for the selection of recruits and it just happens that black and Asian people fall the tests .
23 Every individual 's speech is different from any other 's ; it follows from this that no one speaker can be taken to represent a particular accent or dialect , and it also follows that the idea of a ‘ standard Received Pronunciation ’ is a convenient fiction , not a scientific fact .
24 It would also be in line with previous EC VAT measures , but the art trade is adamantly opposed to this option and it also argues that its combination with the margin scheme is unworkable .
25 It implies , of course , that as long as they have the right kind of causal relations , other machines , apart from brains , can possess mentality ; and it also implies that the study of artificial intelligence and computational modelling is the royal road to understanding mentality .
26 And it also implies that where there had once been marriage , there was now divorce .
27 This means that the budget is in itself an important part of financial accountability and it also means that the final accounts often include , for comparative purposes , budgetary information .
28 This generates a climate for the technological upgrading of industry as a commercial proposition , and it also ensures that hardware and software are conveniently available , at a price , for those who wish to take advantage of them in any sphere .
29 And it soon emerged that the government had systematically arranged breaches of the Drinking Water Directive that would stretch into the next century .
30 This is true for all points above the LM curve and it similarly follows that upward pressure will be exerted on interest rates at all points below the LM curve .
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