Example sentences of "[conj] [vb past] [prep] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 10.3 The Tenant acknowledges that [ its ] obligations under this agreement and the Lease shall not be affected or lessened in any way by the fact that there may now or subsequently exist any Restrictions and the Tenant shall with effect from the Possession Date comply with and indemnify the Landlord in respect of any liability under any Restrictions ( whether made before or after the Possession Date ) save in so far as such liability arises from failure by the Landlord to comply with [ its ] obligations under clause 2.2.2 It need hardly be said that the tenant 's solicitor should make all usual inquiries to ascertain whether any such restrictions exist at the date of the agreement .
2 Around the same proportion of the population , according to the same surveys , never thought of giving up the struggle to the end — or recovered from such defeatist notions — and it is fair to presume that for them Hitler remained the symbol of continued hope and determination .
3 Moreover , unlike the clause in Cade the terms had never been negotiated or agreed by any trade association on behalf of farmers .
4 The DC may be passed back ( after further modification or after submitting the DC for assessment ) to the original user or passed onto another LIFESPAN user .
5 or , or alternatively because I have n't , I have made this clear throughout , I come to the conclusion that the , the questions as posed erm or posed in any court which any one has yet suggested really ca n't , ca n't be answered or , or there are reasons for not answering at this stage whatever it may be
6 I want to know whether the legend thereon was printed , or machine-embroidered ; whether the label itself was stitched into the pants , or appliquéd in some fashion ; whether the label indicates an element of design , or whether the information it retails relates purely to the material constitution of the aforementioned pants .
7 ‘ If , in any case not expressly provided for by this Act , a liability to any duty , or any authority or power , not incident to the administration of justice in any court , whose jurisdiction is transferred by this Act to the High Court of Justice , shall have been imposed or conferred by any statute , law , or custom upon the judges or any judge of any of such courts , save as hereinafter mentioned , every judge of the said High Court shall be capable of performing and exercising , and shall be liable to perform and empowered to exercise every such duty , authority , and power , in the same manner as if this Act had not passed , and as if he had been duly appointed the successor of a judge liable to such duty , or possessing such authority or power , before the passing of this Act . …
8 or alternatively , because I have , I have made this clear throughout , I come to the conclusion that the , the questions of this opposed er , or opposed in any form which any one here has suggest
9 I tried to analyse , through studying a succession of reports in the last decade on community care in general and on services for people with dementia in particular , whether this sort of enhanced role for the voluntary sector had been charted or signalled in any way .
10 Media people , people from the advertising company Andy has just left , a few politicians — mostly Tory or Social Democrats though there are a couple of Labour guys — bankers , lawyers , business advisers , investment experts , actors , TV people — at least one film crew , though their lights are switched off for now — various other city types , a scattering of people who are , well , just professionally famous , and the remainder seemingly either part of some enormous floating meta-party or hired from some agency to impersonate people having a whale of a time : Rent-a-Hoot or something similar .
11 The fact they are playing Kilkenny wo n't make them feel intimidated or fazed in any way .
12 A further 35% of the students either failed at the final examination , failed at some stage of the course or withdrew for some reason .
13 He began to drop his head to find her parted lips , and McAllister , who was prey to the most extraordinary and conflicting emotions , one part of her welcoming a kiss from Dr Neil , whom she loved , a kiss which she knew would be passionate , the other part hating and fearing being held or touched by any man , including him , said breathlessly , ‘ No , you should n't .
14 Never in all his experience , wrote Taylor , had he seen or heard of such covenants in a mining lease .
15 Decide on your herbs , and then find out what kind of soil they need — moist , heavy and deep , or dry , well-drained and short of plant food ; also whether they do best in sun or a little shade , with shelter , or exposed to some wind , and whether they are immune to cold , or need cosseting and protection .
16 12.1 Any notice , document or request falling to be given or served under this Agreement may be given or served by sending it by registered post or certified mail , postage pre-paid , or by tested telex or facsimile transmission to : in the case of
17 Either party may give written notice to the other of a change of address , and after notice of such change has been served and received , any notice , document or request given or served thereafter shall be given to or served upon such party at such changed address .
18 Both parties have invited this court to proceed on the basis that the validity of the appointment is not and can not be disputed or decided on this application .
19 Two quite different events , occurring some seventy years apart , appear to have been garbled or telescoped in this passage .
20 The identity of proteins which are up- or downregulated during this period are not known , but several have been separated on two-dimensional gels .
21 Romero linked his readings with the reality of life in El Salvador and each week his sermon was followed by ‘ a reading of every documented case of persons who had been killed , assaulted , tortured or disappeared by any group on the left or the right ’ .
22 Almost all the media coverage would be about her and Charles , how far apart they stood , whether they spoke or looked at each other .
23 Now and then he got hold of a book , or looked at some prints , or chatted with a local worthy , but it was a hard life and they were in narrow circumstances .
24 Mr replied that is what Mr was asking the other to do , that is to hold their hand and to enter into negotiations , now I fully appreciate that erm doctor feels strongly that the defendants have not been negotiating in good faith and have been simply dragging matters out for his benefit , now when I say that I 'm simply saying what I understand to be doctor view , I 'm certainly not suggesting that I 'm finding as a fact , but that was the decision , indeed I could n't cos I 've not heard all the evidence on this matter not as Mr to address me on that one , it seems to me with all respect to doctor missions on this matter that if there has been any dragging of feet or other improper conduct of either the defendants in connection with er they remain on in the premises and not paying what doctor would consider to be a full and proper rent or if there has been problem about their not disclosing documents when they should have done , the position is that doctor has er by making an appropriate application to the court , for maybe the appropriate relief arising out of the facts which he can establish , but that is not in general a matter which erm the court should go into on the question of taxation , it 's not , th this particular taxation of costs is a taxation as I understand it that are formally to the debt of the order of Mr Justice and there is thus no question of the court having to consider the question when the those tax those costs have been swollen or increased in any way by reason of spinning out negotiations whether to run up costs or otherwise , that simply does n't arising it seems to me in this case that maybe a matter which may arise possibly at some future date , though I would hope it would not do so , but er so far as the costs down to the end of the trial of the twentieth of March nineteen ninety one are concerned , it seems to me the fact that the parties maybe negotiating subsequently to deter to rece to resolve the outstanding issue , it 's not a matter which really goes to the question of erm what is the proper amount to allow for taxation of costs which have already been incurred , before these negotiations erm we do n't the figure of the costs appears to have been effectively agreed between the solicitors at forty two thousand pounds , the plaintiff solicitors made it quite clear that they were seeking interest , this was clear in apparently of nineteen ninety two , but this held their hand , er it seems to me the reason they held their hand rather than indicate it was because the defendant through his solicitor was asking them to do so and it seems to me that Mr was acting very sensibly in the defendants interest , because if in fact they had gone ahead and taxed their costs there and then the position would simply be that there would of been an award for taxation , in order , there would be a taxation resulting in an order for payment of of some cost probably in the region of forty two thousand pounds and er that order would itself carry interest under the judgements act , it does n't seem to me it can be sensibly said that erm any interest has to be in any way increased by reason of this delay and it seems to me that erm if one looks at order sixty two and twenty eight er certainly under paragraph B two erm there 's a reference there to any additional interest payable under section seventeen because of the failure on the May , erm , it does n't seem to me that the effect of what has in fact incurred , in this case has been , caused any additional interest to be paid and er it seems to me the only best that I can see in the evidence before me to , which would enable the court to erm , conclude that there should be a disallowance of interest would be as I say because the plaintiffs appear not to have perfected the order for the payment of perfectively two years , just over two years , erm it seems to me however that , that on balance probably it simply a matter of oversight and even if it had been perfected it would n't of made as I guess the least bit of difference to the way the negotiations er proceeded and accordingly I take the view that erm there are no grounds for disallowing interest from either the plaintiffs bill of costs or the defendants bill of costs , accordingly erm to allow the defendants appeal in preparation to the disallowance of costs er interest and to dismiss the defendants appeal for application in relation to an additional period , P sixty of course disallowed , I also propose to dismiss the sum of , the appeal by the plaintiffs from the refusal of taxing master to disallow the interest on the defendants bill of costs .
25 Neither of them moved or spoke for several minutes .
26 This indemnity shall not be prejudiced or waived by any exercise of our rights under Condition 3.3 .
27 She found that in the time allowed four-fifths of the adult pairs conversed , looked or smiled at each other .
28 Yes I can appreciate that but at this moment I 'm not worried or bothered about any prosecutions in relation to this matter I 'm bothered about the ch the child 's er health .
29 A back-up copy will be needed if the original copy of the computer program becomes damaged or corrupted in any way .
30 It is common for the installation instructions to ask the licensed user to make a copy of the program first and use this as the working copy , placing the original disks in a safe place in case the working disks become damaged or corrupted in some way .
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