Example sentences of "[conj] [pers pn] is [adv] [that] " in BNC.

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1 Having said that , it is entirely possible that one is being hopelessly naïve and that it is simply that the AIDS test has replaced the screen test as the sine qua non for any ambitious ingénue .
2 Does my right hon. Friend accept that it is right that he should restate the Government 's commitment to their policy in Northern Ireland , based on the rule of law ?
3 Unfortunately the single-copy fallacy , the idea that it is enough that there should be one copy of any book in existence , does have support even within the British Library itself .
4 We assume that it is enough that the new way will prove better than the old way once it has been tried for some time .
5 Let us pretend that it is only that Grainne is too far above me , and let us continue the pretence , for I do not think I can bear it any other way .
6 and I think we must recognise that it is only that many of the questions and questionnaire had they been displayed of what they wanted to propose .
7 In previous generations it was much less likely than it is now that grandparents would have lived to know their grandchildren as adults ( see chapters 2 and 3 ) .
8 Leeds is now the third largest city in England and the 20th in Europe , so it is right that it should have international ambitions .
9 America is the closest thing to a financial laboratory for these sorts of questions , so it is there that most of the answers should be sought .
10 Judge Donald Herrod added : ‘ This is a very dramatic turn of events and it is right that this prosecution should not continue . ’
11 It is right that students be initiated into the conceptual apparatus , skills and ways of going on within the teacher 's own discipline ; and it is right that students therefore acquire the discipline required for the necessary understanding and competencies .
12 The PAC wants hard and fast information , and it is right that it should .
13 The Engineering Employers Federation says that its members ’ strongly support the Government 's objective of providing a balanced and effective framework of trade union and industrial relations law ’ and that ’ the step by step approach has been seen by all to have worked successfully and it is right that it should continue . ’
14 He insisted that no decisions about future spending had been taken , but he believed that it was right ‘ that there should be a widespread review and it is right that there should be a big debate . ’
15 Press hostility to this idea was scarcely free of self-interest , but there were bigger issues at stake and it is right that they prevailed .
16 In fact , language , through abstraction , is a much more efficient form or communication and possesses much more control over its interpretation , and it is rather that this difference in evocation is less likely to be evident in artefactual symbolism than in linguistic symbolism .
17 Just as important as establishing what to include is deciding what to exclude , and it is here that the purists may find cause to tar and feather us .
18 ‘ It is a bedrock of traditional liberalism to build on and it is here that we are likely to see the most substantial progress of all .
19 It also includes accepting responsibility for one 's own family , and it is here that the burden of active citizenship is liable to fall disproportionately on women .
20 At this point , someone might rightly argue : ‘ I happen to live on earth , and it is here that I want to have a happy marriage ! ’
21 The world of the imagination is limitless and it is here that the mind must be freed , but it must also be given the spur of inspiration .
22 Another commonly-accepted indication of intelligence is the way animals deal with the unpredictable contingencies of their world through learning ; and it is here that our intuition tells us that we must be dealing with something very like intellect .
23 The bottom line is the way it sounds , and it is here that the Ariston CD3 accumulates most of its brownie points .
24 The justice of his interpretation of the fascist state has been , and is , fiercely disputed , and I will not discuss it.i For its contours are set by Poulantzas ' more general conception of the state , and it is here that he is most explicit in trying to put Althusser 's theory to work .
25 The wastelands are inhabited by all kinds of monstrous creatures and it is here that the armies of Chaos gather their strength .
26 The Imperial Gunnery School at Nuln is the biggest cannon foundry in the world , and it is here that the Emperor 's gunners receive their training .
27 Adjusting the output of existing products and rapidly expanding the share of new ones , requires flexibility in the labour market and it is here that the Japanese have even bigger advantages .
28 The Manor is sited in pleasantly wooden grounds and it is here that Alford truly comes to life on Spring and August Bank Holiday weekends .
29 The ‘ Second ’ Prokofiev Sonata comes first on the disc — in its original guide as a flute sonata it dies predate the First Sonata — and it is here that Hardy and Devos really distinguish themselves .
30 Bordered by desert , the Mediterranean and the Red Sea , this densely populated country is concentrated along the Nile , away from the blistering heat of the hinterland , and it is here that the great monuments to the country 's past civilisation lie .
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