Example sentences of "[conj] [pers pn] give [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
2 I can give the hon. Gentleman the undertaking — it is of the sort that I gave him in Committee — that I believe that many things should be done with the extra resources that we shall have , and in the context of administrative matters the care of records is relevant .
3 I 'd just like to add that included in the numbers that I gave you for Camco were not just redundancy costs , but costs of closures of sales offices , distribution networks and some other special one-time charges , so it 's not pure redundancy when you look at the numbers that I gave you earlier on .
4 Erm , I I really do n't want to add anything else , other than the summary , erm , that I gave you on Appendix One , Chairman , but if you move over to Appendix Two for a start , erm , this first of all , relates only to our A T T in and we hope in future to improve this sort of information in the other employee groups .
5 And we saw that in the calculation that I gave you at the end of last week 's lecture .
6 Because there were , there were easily three lists of influence on referrals that you need to be attuned to , that I gave you in that one erm praise , give a bit of praise to my wife because all I 'm proud of crafty , I thought , you know , why did n't you say that was a beautiful brief .
7 He 's trying to make out that I gave it to him when I gave him a spoonful of that … stuff …
8 That means he thought Maureen was his mother , so I gave him to her .
9 There 's at least one track from all eight albums , and two tracks are from a live album , so I gave it to a wonderful guy called Jonathan Downs from the Fan Club , who knows an awful lot that I 'd forgotten myself , or never even knew !
10 but I persuaded him that it would melt while he had his drink and to put it in my bag and er it was lunchtime when we got home and we were going some I , I ca n't remember what we were doing afterwards so I gave it to his mother , I thought she could share it .
11 Well anybody that we gave it to , they would be highly delighted to get it .
12 I think it 's true to say that we give it to them and we also drink it ourselves .
13 I have been thinking about my nearly twenty years friendship with him and especially what it was that he gave me in terms of belief and understanding of the job .
14 The hand that he gave her in greeting was ice-cold and his expression grave , but his appearance was as immaculate as ever and his bearing composed and dignified .
15 That is what the greenbelt is actually there for , and if you have it there for that purpose , as I said yesterday , the necessary corollary is that you have additional provision beyond it , and I ca n't resist to offer Mr Wincup some support , I 'm sure one piece of evidence that he gave you about the letter from the Parish Council , he 's probably already replied to that Parish Council saying , as you 're in the York greenbelt have no fear , all the Selby needs will pass straight across your heads and land somewhere else .
16 I thank the Minister for delivering every one of the pledges that he gave us in Committee .
17 Yeah , but he did n't need the modulator so he gave it to because he 's got a monitor , right ?
18 The Toshiba radar rainfall monitoring system is designed to alert local governments to unexpectedly heavy rainfall , so it gives plenty of advance warning for extra drainage and emergency pumps .
19 Powerful though the clam 's muscles are , it can not slam its valves shut , only heave them slowly together , so it gives plenty of notice of its intentions .
20 So I goes come here , and I give them to John I goes I 'll take them John and I paid .
21 ‘ How did people look after the sick and helpless ? ’ — ‘ Just as I do nowadays : I collect money from the people , and I give it to them .
22 and we were walking along and there 's all these daffodils so I went and picked one and I give it to her .
23 You asked for Operation Cuckoo to be your personal responsibility and I gave it to you .
24 thank you and I gave it to Dorothy .
25 When I first got it in the I was a bit , well it do n't sound too hard , bit down hard , but then again they were in a rush , I said there 's your present and I gave it to them , and they unwrapped it and me mum says oh come on we 'll be late for the club , cos they were getting free drinks at the pub , oh she , she did n't even want to look at it , I said oh , and she looked at it
26 Bought my Paradise Lost in a second hand book and I ga , shop , and I gave it to Marion .
27 I wondered if he would let me turn the handle if I gave it to him .
28 If I give them to you , you can do your story first and then pass them on . ’
29 ‘ I ca n't bear it if I give it to my children . ’
30 If I give it to Laura one and then I 'll have to give thingamajig one .
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