Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] at [art] same " in BNC.

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1 A student having completed Music Making : Solo 1 may proceed to Solo 2 or remain at the same level , provided that the study employs different techniques : for example , voice and keyboard ; guitar and bass guitar ; violin and sitar .
2 If a message can be compressed one hundred times , it can be transmitted in one hundredth of the time , or transmitted at the same speed through a channel with one hundredth of the band width , and it can be stored in one hundredth of the volume of the original .
3 For this reason , our one-year programme is designed to allow students to take the occupational SVQ at level II in either administration or finance at the same time as the general SVQ at level II in business administration .
4 lines of type that do not start or end at the same position .
5 You can forgive or punish at the same time ca n't you , you can punish somebody and say that is wrong and yet you forgive them , that is you do n't hold it against them but you later on .
6 Overall , almost three-quarters of the participants either reduced their intake ( 61 per cent ) or remained at the same level ( 11 per cent ) between the first and the last three weeks of the course .
7 They were large animals that lived at the same time as the forerunners of the dinosaurs , the petrolacosaurs .
8 Although running at the same as the national Children In Need Appeal , Cash for Kids is organised locally by Radio Clyde , and the money is used to provide special Christmas treats or presents for needy children throughout West Central Scotland .
9 We all the lads that left at the same time , said , we 've got four weeks ' holiday before we look for work .
10 More surprising , and to Paviour more confounding and conciliating at the same time , was the presence of Gus Hambro , busy with a large clip-board , charting on squared paper the patch of ground to be taken up , and sketching a hurried but accurately proportioned elevation of the exposed vault of the flue .
11 I 'm not a social eater and I hate talking and eating at the same time .
12 It 's a thing I love and hate at the same time .
13 Accordingly , the investor may seek to include a provision whereby if the investor wishes to sell a specified percentage of the equity , then the other shareholders must follow suit and sell at the same price per share .
14 ‘ Well , he 's very rich , of course , and mean at the same time .
15 ‘ It 's impossible to cry and inhale at the same time .
16 Experience with 761 had shown that loading and unloading at the same door was too slow on the Promenade .
17 We are both exalted and fallen at the same time : sinful and yet given unique status in the universe of things .
18 These writings appealed essentially to a generation of students bored with academic life and attracted by the street credibility of the Situationists , and often provided students with the dubious pleasure of being flattered and insulted at the same time .
19 ‘ But the most difficult thing about this band for me is actually playing parts live and singing at the same time !
20 He wondered if Heather , sitting in the same chair and gazing at the same view , had somehow bequeathed to him this reaction , or if it were entirely his own , a product of the self-pity Kingdom had identified .
21 It came as no surprise to mystics that DNA is found to function like a right handed helix in which each tread is of the same size and turns at the same rate of 36° per tread .
22 We all worked and lived at the same place and it seemed pretty cool to me at the time , but it started to become more and more negative until it got to the point where I wanted to leave … and I realised that they would n't let me !
23 She stood up , holding her hands to her face , laughing and weeping at the same time , gasping for breath , feeling her heart and only finally throwing her arms up in joy .
24 ‘ I was only asking why you waste so much time stealing stuff you ca n't eat and then waste more time stealing dogs when you could steal and eat at the same time , as it were . ’
25 His accuracy and stinginess with runs made him almost without equal as a one-day bowler , for he could both contain and attack at the same time since the bounce he got from his great height and the control he had over the ball gave him the extra penetration that brought wickets .
26 The inhibitory effect of TPA was the same whether it was added 30 or 10 minutes before challenge with histamine at 20°C , but TPA was ineffective if added at the same time as histamine ( Fig 3 ) .
27 I wanted to throw up , pass out , scream and cry at the same time .
28 And still without needing to turn my head , but looking straight to the front , and walking at the same even pace along the path , I was conscious of a man perched motionless on the top bar of the gate , one leg over , so still that he might have been part of the gate itself .
29 But when I substituted ‘ anorexia nervosa ’ for ‘ mental illness ’ I could see the truth in what Szasz was saying , and realise at the same time that his judgement was not so harsh .
30 ( b ) Both matrix and fibril may deform elastically and yield at the same strain .
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