Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [pron] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 Or scanned you at a maiden aunt 's ,
2 Environmental Issues is your magazine , and anything and everything is considered for inclusion , so do ring , write , fax or grab me at a conference ( well not literally ! ) with your information .
3 In the corner of another carriage there sits , his face screened by a magazine , some lonely soul who has no one to bid him adieu at this end of his journey or welcome him at the other .
4 ‘ He would either go with the victims or meet them at the Macro warehouse in North Acton .
5 Diluting it and mixing in it into slurry lagoons or spreading it at a low rate on grassland was a method used in the past , but even that may not be possible now .
6 The man heard or sensed him at the last moment and turned with his hands coming up to a fighting stance but Maxim feinted through them and hit him low in the stomach .
7 Alternately , the Commissioner and his most senior colleagues invite them to Scotland Yard , or visit them at the ALA building nearby .
8 Rather , she must have inherited it or bought it at a jumble sale for the sake of something to cover herself as a rest from her everlasting black or perhaps ( most likely ) found it in a drawer of her newly married bedroom , chosen for her by Uncle Philip as suitable for his wife to wear on Sundays .
9 Has the Prime Minister seen the prospectus from Pathfinders Repossessions plc , which is a company which proposes to buy repossessed homes at auction and then flog them off or rent them at a huge profit ?
10 Do you want to give them now or do it at the end ?
11 Everything goes fine until , having chosen the number of blend steps ( or leaving it at the default number ) , I click on OK .
12 The disorder that had seemed to him for decades to determine the course of events regrouped itself like a pile of iron filings suddenly organized by a magnet , and he had a flash of optimism when it appeared quite possible that men in the days to come might wish to find out more than concerned them at the moment .
13 Like someone in a trance , she gazed at the clasp that fastened it at the throat .
14 That shooting The London boxing promoter Mickey Duff said : ‘ The only thing that worries me at the moment is his speedy recovery . ’
15 Such investors tended to come in when stocks were exchanged rather than present themselves at the moment of initiation .
16 I like it when you 've got the FX actually going through the amplifier , rather than adding it at the desk , because there 's a certain quality and tonality when everything 's going through that guitar speaker .
17 Even if I did n't have a job that keeps me at the other end of the country for most of the year , this sort of place could n't provide a living .
18 I think that one of the things that get me at the moment is the time keeping , it 's very bad
19 Than calling you at the office . ’
20 But I , but I think you know the , the , the thing that I found erm most difficult as you say was , was actually completing the C C Q and I think part of it and asking the question but it is , certainly it would be easier to do it using that on your knee rather than doing it at the table because I was aware that I was turning away
21 He has also pointed to the way in which metaphor joins dissimilar experiences by finding a symbol or image that unites them at a deeper level of meaning ( ibid , p. 63 ) .
22 65 ) that the historian 's duty is ‘ to rejudge the conduct of men , that generous actions may be snatched from oblivion , and that the author of pernicious counsels , and the perpetrator of evil deeds may see , beforehand , the infamy that awaits them at the tribunal of posterity ’ .
23 Most people vary enormously in the reserves that they have available , so that the things that floor them at the end of term may be the same small irritations that they sailed through at the beginning .
24 I thought , a laugh being pretty well the only dealing with the truth that offered itself at the moment , and so nothing to run down .
25 Leslie had clearly avoided this mishap , for the face that presented itself at the church to the sound of other bells was unblemished — only so very much older than that of the newly-commissioned boy of the Stirling studio photograph , taken but three years before .
26 When the knights reformed in front of them they suddenly launched a wild shout , and welded into one moving weapon , that aimed itself at the enemy beyond the river , and this time did not halt .
27 the sad news for golfers is that you 've a better chance of watching the sport than playing it at the Oxfordshire club … membership is being limited to 750 and the joining fee is twenty five thousand pounds …
28 A sentiment that ambushed her at the coldest moments .
29 The scene that greeted her at the top was already less frightening than it had been when Phoebe arrived .
30 Moreover , the observer at A forms a picture of the white hole on the basis of all the light rays that reach him at the same time .
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