Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [pron] [art] same " in BNC.

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1 He adds : ‘ In the last year , most restaurants have brought their prices down or kept them the same as last year .
2 Yes , it uses eight watts against a hundred , well I say probably against seventy five , eight watts instead of seventy five and given us the same amount of light out .
3 Most fax software lets you define a group of names in the fax phone book , and send them the same fax at the click of a button .
4 Thomas Mayer and his son , Thomas Walton Mayer of Newcastle-under-Lyme , sent to every veterinary surgeon in the United Kingdom the draft of a memorial addressed to the governors of the London College , with the ultimate objective of gaining a Charter of Incorporation ‘ to protect us from illiterate and uneducated men , and to afford us the same privileges and exemptions which other professional bodies possess ’ .
5 For them , the solution to the problem of pro-government bias is simple : the broadcasters should treat government and governing party as one and the same , and give it the same coverage as the main opposition party .
6 It is neither possible nor desirable to fix any language at one point in time and keep it the same ever afterwards .
7 At er well this week you sort of look back and say yeah but erm in about ten years time if you come and ask me the same question I would be able be in a better position to give you an answer .
8 By now , though , he was tired of Barbados , particularly its narrowness of spirit ; they expressed their appreciation of his runs by refusing to allow him , as a black man , to practise at Kensington Oval , and he believed there were still those who resented his success and thought him the same ‘ bighead ’ as at school .
9 The government refused the paramilitaries the political status which they requested , and offered them the same terms as those given to surrendering drug traffickers : a reduction of prison sentences in return for confessions to crimes .
10 As soon as he entered the first field to be cut his mates up-ended him and gave him the same treatment which stopped only when he shouted ‘ Beer ! ’ .
11 Reliability is much to , much more to do with replicability , it 's , it 's another if another researcher went in and did it the same way , would they get the same results ?
12 After they have gone to the ball , Cinderella , with a giggle , picks up her broom and gives it the same lesson , using it as a partner .
13 Remove the dumplings with a slotted spoon and serve them the same way as the fried dumplings .
14 But ask me the same question tomorrow and I could give a whole litany of things .
15 The best time to do this is first thing in the morning , after going to the bathroom , wearing your night clothes or nothing at all , but keep it the same every day .
16 Eliot 's vision of the urbane savage was very different from Arnold 's , but gave him the same privileges as his Romantic predecessor .
17 He was then attacked by James , but gave him the same treatment .
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