Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [pron] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 The importance of locational specifications in general can be gauged from the fact that there seem to be two basic ways of referring to objects — by describing or naming them on the one hand , and by locating them on the other ( Lyons , 1977a : 648 ) .
2 But it is illegal to import it , send it through the post or display it to the general public .
3 If he had known his man , and cared for what he knew , he could have battered Albany 's son and heir into surrender , instead of hauling his horse off from crushing or smothering him in the mud .
4 By writ dated 6 August 1991 the plaintiffs in the first action , Barclays Bank Plc. claimed £389,431 from the defendants , Glasgow City Council , being moneys had and received to the plaintiffs ' use as having been paid under void contracts ; or contracts for which the consideration had totally failed ; which were traceable by the plaintiffs into the hands of the defendants , the retention of which would be unconscionable ; which would cause the defendants to be unjustly enriched ; or which the defendants held upon an implied or resulting or constructive trust in favour of the plaintiffs ; or to which the plaintiffs were entitled on the grounds that the defendants had spent the money on their lawful activities or applied them towards the discharge of their liabilities .
5 Those who simplify moral judgement to the application of standards would assume that he has either to impose his own code or to accommodate himself to the other .
6 He went down there only to make tea or hide something in the fridge .
7 He started keeping Fred and himself to timetables , so that she knew where she was , and cut out eating with Fred after the show or seeing him in the daytime at weekends .
8 Whereupon , declaring that no less precious food should thereafter pass her lips , the lady had , variously , starved herself to death or flung herself from the window , in which case her blood had forever coloured the ruddy rocks of Roussillon .
9 The putting of the city to the ban , or devoting it to the Lord , as the RSV puts it , is part of Joshua 's final orders to the people on the seventh day , and receives no mention in God 's initial instructions to him .
10 Or push him off the ball or something
11 Always carry it with you or push it into the soil .
12 Participants are invited to bring kites or make one in the on-site kite workshop .
13 If a person wishes to give up his physical integrity in certain circumstances , or to risk it for the sake of sport or excitement , should the criminal law allow the consent to negative what would otherwise be a crime ?
14 There is nothing essentially new in thus narrowing the scope of will ; most of mankind throughout most of its history seems to have taken it for granted that they were moved by forces from beyond them and mysterious to them , which might lift them above or drag them below the capacities of which they might presume to be in command ( in Christian theology , the unpredictable visitations of divine grace assisting a will otherwise impotent to resist the Devil ) , and in the present century , ever since Freud demonstrated that the same conception of man could be translated from a religious into a psychological language , we have found ourselves thinking our way back to it .
15 Situations in which they can prove useful are in small and/or lightly-stocked tanks , and rearing tanks where feeding is rather heavy and regular , as long as the turnover rate is not too high so as to stress the young fish or drag them into the filter .
16 He seemed more likely to blow a kiss than to throw a punch ; to be at a dinner-table than to be down in the dives ; to be rubbing shoulders than to be shoving or sticking it to the comfortable ( I almost said to the bourgeoisie . )
17 At least it was comforting to know that he would n't consider her compliance ‘ cheap ’ or despise her for the speed with which he had been able to seduce her .
18 Another one of his tricks was to lurk behind the counter at the Turk 's Head so customers would think there was no one there , and then , when they were thinking of leaving or helping themselves to the jam doughnuts , he 'd leap on to a wooden box to bring his large dome head just above the level of the counter and say , ‘ Can I help you ? ’ in a very loud voice .
19 Control the interview or lose it to the candidate ?
20 And as Joe was saying , he said , all we do is just go back to them and just try and say well look you know when you come to see us again do you want to accept this or regret it on the basis that you 're going to strike , but all the other section in the company 's accepted that .
21 SUPPOSE you have a print by Picasso , Dali , Miro or Chagall , or sold one in the past few years : you have a special interest in a Brooklyn courtroom this week .
22 The Area Director also has power to discharge or revoke it upon the happening of specified events including a request from the applicant so to do , or where the aid has been abused , or where the applicant is in arrears with contributions , or where the applicant 's financial position improves so that he or she is able to afford to fund legal action .
23 But there is always room for more and the Managing Director of the Resource Centre , Sr Anna Doherty would like to hear from any individuals , groups , clubs or organisations interested in organising an event or contributing anything to the general fun of the weekend .
24 Notes in Winston Churchill 's files suggested that Britain 's options were either to send a " correct " reply to the South , commiserating with him in declining to advise him , or to encourage him along the American line , or to urge him to undertake an all-out campaign against Mossadeq .
25 As the program is installed , you can elect to have Power Launcher entered as a startup program — or place it in the startup program group , which keeps your WIN.INI cleaner — and also allow it to replace the control button at the top left of every application window with its own red and white icon .
26 er to consider , as to whether whether it would be appropriate to invite the winning schools for er to bring a party in or involve them in the erm Gala Day or e I mean i erm or the open day or something .
27 Here at Club M'Diq you can either do your own thing or involve yourself in the daily and evening activities and events available for free ; you can lazy on the spacious sandy beach , or go off on the optional excursions to see something of what this colourful Moslem country has to offer .
28 If you are at all normal , you bypass the urge to throttle him , or to shake him by the head and shout : ‘ What 's that got to do with anything ? ’ , and find yourself nodding in agreement as if he has just proved something .
29 I usually make her coffee , and if she runs out of fags or needs summat from the shops , I go for her .
30 I told the others , ‘ we either write some new songs and start behaving like a proper band again or knock it on the head , this time for good ’ .
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