Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [pron] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 or something what about the amount of care they would get from a farrier , those horses ?
2 It featured no film material , no exterior shooting and nothing whatsoever in the way of visual effects — such a department just did not exist in 1949 .
3 To think that you are and will be mine and I yours through the mercies of God when this transitory life is past and gone , for all eternity !
4 Along with luck , this is the scarce commodity which no one in the music business can manufacture and which everyone in the industry is looking for .
5 Finally , there is another aim which relates to both Sections A and B , and which none of the models has taken seriously enough : 7. help pupils to learn how to cope with controversy , complexity , confusion , and uncertainty within a safe environment , so that they are able to manage these unavoidable aspects of life without trying to resort to premature certainty , dogmatism or exclusivism .
6 There are four interviews and reported comments with supporters of the latter and none whatsoever for the former .
7 An attempt to answer this question , and one which in the opinion of S. G. F. Brandon shows some consciousness of the significance of the factor of time , was made by a late Zoroastrian priest renowned for his orthodoxy .
8 What happened was there was a burglar and er they went downstairs and they him over the head and then they put him a chair and they got the and he goes , what shall we , what shall we wrap him up in ?
9 His father was dying , and he himself on the very point of becoming chief of Clan Gillian .
10 His election was generally seen as the ‘ event of the year ’ and he himself as the ‘ man of the year ’ ; his popularity soon moved above that of the President and General Secretary .
11 First , he uses the verb ‘ conducts ’ Second , he poured vitriolic criticism on soloists and wind players , but none whatever on the conducteur\conductor : not only was there no mention of tapping , but ‘ the choruses go extremely well ’ .
12 Communication of data via computerised and electronic means is a relatively new mode of communications but one which in the space of about thirty years has revolutionised the way in which we use , store and transmit information and data .
13 Well when and he was n't on he was n't on , but he he at the towards the end they gave the three of them thirty seconds to describe the go , you know , the qualities of of the
14 Ivars has spoken of a Soviet based in the country who has been building what he terms a ‘ Sky Bug ’ but what we in the FlyPast office think must be a Flying Flea of sorts .
15 But what what about the Playpen as well ?
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