Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ No chance that they 'd have conspired to bribe Ramsbum or Gooseneck or someone to do it for them ? ’
2 ‘ Either the seeds blew in — or someone planted them as a joke , ’ said a senior officer .
3 I finished my list of demands and took it to the Branch Office , where I received something of a hero 's welcome .
4 I can see the range , where it is , and where I want it to be .
5 I then went to Coventry Belgrade for six months , where I did everything from Malcolm in Macbeth to the play Charlie 's Aunt .
6 But Bob said to me where I bought it from , he said I do n't think it would survive the winter because it comes from the Scilly Isles which is warmer .
7 ‘ I speak with Michael Odell inside ten minutes , or I raise him on the open line , ’ said Quinn carefully .
8 He said our flight had been delayed and he 'd spent the time in the bar , and then added , rather unconvincingly , that some woman had insisted on ‘ plying Phaeton with liquor ’ as he put it , but there was a hollowness in the way he said it , and I do n't think either Gill or I believed him for a moment .
9 After breakfast at the palace all the inmates are thrown out , whatever the weather , and the only place he can take his child is outside : " Usually I take my little boy at weekends to the fair at Whitley Bay , or I take him on the metro and we sit at the front — he loves trains .
10 It means I carry or I take it with me .
11 Er , it 's like , it 's like the foreman on the shopfloor for some reason , there 's a er , in the systems or whatever , er , the warehouseman er , the night porter er , when he takes over , he knows what he 's doing , he knows what I want , because I 've spoken to him about it , erm , he knows what items I want to leave for stock people , erm , and Sue , the checkout manager , she 'll know if I want extra people on the shopfloor because we 're quiet , or I expect it to be quiet , erm , she knows where they 've got to be , and I 'll come back and review it with her .
12 Whenever that happens , rather than going back to the track I play something else that will fit , or I leave it as an improvisational section , so to speak .
13 Who were extremely keen to locate in this county , everything was right for them , Mr Allenby 's borough had the site , my clients had the site should I say , and erm but we lost it to Humberside because it was not possible for either Harrogate or ourselves to look them in the eye and say yes we can guarantee planning consent .
14 As a former winner at Dornoch ( 1985 ) , where nobody took him beyond the 16th green , Garth has the right credentials for a marathon week 's work — sound legs and wind , a good nerve , great concentration , and all the shots for a course that will test the strong and mock the timid .
15 we can not accept that there can be a breach of the peace unless there has been an act done or threatened to be done which either actually harms a person , or in his presence his property , or is likely to cause such harm , or which puts someone in fear of such harm being done .
16 ‘ even in these days when affrays , riotous behaviour and other disturbances happen ill too frequently , we can not accept that there can be a breach of the peace unless there has been an act done or threatened to be done which either actually harms a person , or in his presence his property , or is likely to cause such harm , or which puts someone in fear of such harm being done . ’
17 Most of us are labouring under beliefs which limit our potential , or create personal trauma and suffering , or which deprive us of the magic and joy of being alive .
18 Tired and confused after the journey , I followed the servant into a large building , where she left me in a sitting-room .
19 She put the sheet of paper in an envelope , addressed it clearly , added the word ‘ Urgent ’ and carried it down to the office , where she left it for collection and received instead the original and the photostats of her article .
20 Mildred slid him carefully into her pocket and raced up the stairs to her room , where she transferred him to a small box with holes in the lid which she had prepared specially for the journey .
21 Clare levered the coins off the counter , and carried her cup out into the small enclosure , where she balanced it on an unsteady iron table , her feet cushioned by a carpet of litter .
22 where she weave it like that ?
23 He might have been cut out of cardboard , she thought , as she led him across the hall and into the dining -room , where she introduced him to Susan .
24 During this period she herds stray animals to her seashore cave , where she feeds them during the cold months .
25 After her father 's death she moved to Petersfield , Hampshire , where she supported herself by washing clothes , brewing , and other types of manual work .
26 Eating and drinking is particularly good value — you can get a 6 course ‘ Mezes ’ meal , where you get lots of small dishes of Turkish delicacies for about £3 although a good bottle of wine may set you back 70p !
27 It causes no pollution , either in terms of fuel consumption or noise , yet finding yourself suddenly cowering in the shadow of a huge coloured parachute at the top of a hill where you imagined yourself to be alone , bursts the illusionary balloon of solitude and remote wilderness for me .
28 Right , and you get them to something that you can deal with , because the one thing you can not deal with right , we want to think it over , it is n't matter where you take them to , right whether it 's the bathroom window , whether it 's the one in
29 We talk later in this chapter about the use of other people 's words , making the point that one problem with other people 's words is that they usually make more sense where they come from than where you put them in your essay .
30 And that if you do n't pick them up and put them back where you got them from , they are still there two weeks later , and the house looks a bit of a tip .
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