Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ . All quite true of course , but it has little or nothing to do with the passage in question , whoch focuses very markedly not on Aeneas but on his father Anchises :
2 One of the oddities , though , is when C and M slip across a piece that has little or nothing to do with the high-tech graphics which preface their speciality corner .
3 However , the term ‘ disease ’ is slightly unfortunate in this context because it conjures up notions of a ‘ cause ’ that has little or nothing to do with the natural state of the organism but which is imposed on it , having a discontinuous effect ; as , for example , in infectious diseases .
4 In the liberal view the attraction exerted over them by extremist doctrines had little or nothing to do with the social composition of the radicals .
5 Just as the young Federman arrives in America and will embark on a new series of experiences , so Double Or Nothing speculates about the possible shapes it might take .
6 ‘ That — or someone tampering with the sample . ’
7 I think it 's a local gardener , or someone went to the filled up all the turf and took it all out .
8 On another day we went to St. Anne 's where I played on the sands that were not a patch on those of the South Coast .
9 ‘ When I asked you earlier where I fitted into the assignment you said that I 'd find out soon enough .
10 It is presumably that time which is relevant to the comment which I have n't the heart to repeat here where I refers to the current narrator .
11 where I squinted through the gap in the serving hatch
12 My first real contact with the military was when I went on a familiarisation course to the Parachute Regiment depot at Aldershot when I was fourteen , and spent two days living in the mess , where I looked around the regiment , met serving officers and had some basic interviews with retired Colonels , who were in charge of selecting the future leaders of the toughest regiment in the Army outside of the Special Air Service .
13 This was , at least , an improvement on an earlier pattern , where I went into the end-game with a lead of about 30 — and then lost on the black .
14 Anyway , back to Le Coq d'Or where I lay on the truckle bed and drifted off to sleep .
15 There were points of Government policy where I disagreed with the official line .
16 Mark : I ca n't say that to the same extent , but where I live at the moment I know a lot of people within five minutes ' walk and there are ten or fifteen gay people I know who live locally ; there are people I can visit without any great effort whatsoever , whom I 'm likely to meet in the shops .
17 When I tired of writing press releases on new lube concepts I left Wartberg 's valve business to go to the Angstrom Corporation , where I worked on the launch of a new biscuit , the Pink Finger .
18 Where I worked in the university , if a woman came in covered in bruises , no one would say anything , although we all knew what had happened .
19 The Men came for me where I huddled in the marram grass and they took me back to the low cage .
20 I found the whisky , let myself out of the cellar and locked it , turned all the lights out , gave Mrs McSpadden the bottle , accepted a belated new-year kiss from her , then made my way out through the kitchen and the corridor and the crowded hall where the music sounded loud and people were laughing , and out through the now almost empty entrance hall and down the steps of the castle and down the driveway and down to Gallanach , where I walked along the esplanade — occasionally having to wave or say ‘ Happy New Year ’ to various people I did n't know — until I got to the old railway pier and then the harbour , where I sat on the quayside , legs dangling , drinking my whisky and watching a couple of swans glide on black , still water , to the distant sound of highland jigs coming from the Steam Packet Hotel , and singing and happy-new-year shouts echoing in the streets of the town , and the occasional sniff as my nose watered in sympathy with my eyes .
21 I know exactly who I am and where I stand in the world .
22 Remember Ma Christie , our Norwegian Pathfinder , who wondered at how his crew just happened to appear as though from some mystique of chance ; how Middleton said in effect " my crew is the best in the Command … leave them be or I return to the Main Force " .
23 I have sweet soap here and hot water , and either you wash yourself , all over , or I call in the women to hold you down and scrub you myself .
24 ( I am angry over an act of injustice or I wonder at the sight of Niagara Falls or I am pleased with my Christmas present . )
25 Well we thought it was either a rent man or somebody collecting for the council .
26 And there was a shadow , something or somebody moving against the eastern window .
27 There 's also a general view in the community that community care itself is not necessarily really working very well , there 's some fears about it , some uncertainties and a member did mention , it may have been Jim you know or somebody mentioned about the seven hours domiciliary , from my experience as a councillor I am not sure that simply because that figure exists that that means that that is satisfying the need of those people and in any case the sort of people who need to go into residential care , who can no longer be maintained in their home , with whatever help we give them or with whatever help their family have to give them they 're not necessarily the sort of people who we 're talking about need to go in a home .
28 ( 3 ) In this Act references to the rules of a self-regulating organisation are references to the rules ( whether or not laid down by the organisation itself ) which the organisation has power to enforce in relation to the carrying on of the business in question or which relate to the admission and expulsion of members of the organisation or otherwise to its constitution .
29 Certain things are excluded from registration such as a method or principle of construction or features of shape or configuration dictated solely by the function the article has to perform , or which depend upon the appearance of another article of which it is intended to form an integral part .
30 This was the period when admirers of ‘ trad ’ adopted a purist stance , listened rather than danced and frowned on anything slick or commercial or which smacked of the professional dance band .
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