Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 about analysis or me giving them the dream and I have to sort of like get out for myself what
2 In I gave the book to him or I gave him the book , him would normally be considered thematic in FSP theory .
3 Mm , that 's right and they 've got all the hassle of the airport , mind you they ought to be able to get a local airport I do n't know who they 're going , going with , who the erm Gavin said , I think Gavin said or somebody said something the , the original company have gone bankrupt
4 Erm , Philip or somebody gave me the level premium .
5 The lady prioress glowered at me , shrugged , and with ill grace took me back to her own chamber across the cloister garden where she poured me the smallest goblet of wine I had ever seen .
6 William was just five months 11 days old at the start ; he had already sailed over 1,500 miles , was the contented centre of attention and was still fresh from triumph in the fancy dress competition , where he earned himself the prize of a furry whale for his appearance as a white mouse .
7 Or he gave them the impression that he wrestled , with limbs contorted , in the effort to seize hold of what truth could be found .
8 Your reader will then know that you are not presuming that she or he knows what the term means .
9 ‘ Look , if you do n't want to tell me who you are , or what gave you the horrors , then do n't .
10 The group assumes that everyone knows what the objectives are .
11 Information can be given to each child separately ( either verbally or in writing ) , so that no-one knows what the others ' information is .
12 Once everyone knows what the framework is , most will contribute readily to the development of the school inside that frame .
13 But although I asked myself the question , I knew the answer .
14 Clearly it was I who should have spoken these words , but already I had a feeling that I knew what the brown paper and the ribbed cardboard concealed , and I was n't going to say a word until time or circumstance compelled me .
15 The famous sequence when the helicopters gather in the sky before the great attack has music with it — very familiar music ! — but , do you know , I was so gripped by the power of Coppola 's image , the helicopters , the music , that it was n't until many , many hours afterwards that I realized what the music was he had been using .
16 Well I mean it 's gone much beyond that I mean they the reality of the situation is er is not like that I 'm afraid I mean it Eighteen men have been sacked and and these are men that have put those quarries where they are .
17 I happened to have with me the journal of Dorothy Wordsworth on my trip to the Dales as I had forgotten to return it to the public library , and you have my word that I dropped it the instant I was made aware that they were harbouring a drug addict .
18 I think that I put it the other way round last time .
19 I am not precisely sure that I know what the right hon. Gentleman had in mind on sentencing policy , but I am happy to engage in exchanges outside .
20 ‘ She would n't tell me , but was very insistent that I call her the minute you got in . ’
21 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
22 He was the goalkeeper for Manchester United and I joked later that I threw him the bag of money and he dropped it !
23 After drawing a blank on Rhodes , I had to write something that justified my travelling expenses , so I made you the villain of the piece .
24 What a relief it was when a couple of hundred other leeds supporters started going crazy , so I thought what the hell and joined in .
25 But he was always having fun so I suppose its the imagination that counts is n't it .
26 I went around being nice to children for a while , being a sort of modern Pied Piper , but I learnt that they 're a manipulative lot and crazy for money , literally crazy for it , so I gave them the elbow .
27 But Mary was out so I gave him the letter and began to tell him about the trouble at home .
28 Once I know what the other operettas will be , I shall work with her every day .
29 Now she seems to have little pain , and little hunger , although she takes what the boy gives her , and today , we have improved upon that .
30 She thought that she knew who the lucky man might be , and it took all her strength of mind not to betray the dreadful emotions which merely thinking of him aroused in her .
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