Example sentences of "[prep] [noun sg] of [noun pl] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The European Commission has adopted draft legislation on integrated pollution prevention and control aimed at achieving " a balanced system for reduction of emissions from industrial installations into the air , water and soil " .
2 The superhelical densities indicated correspond to those observed under the ionic strength conditions used in the transcription assays ( see Methods , section for preparation of plasmids with different superhelical densities ) .
3 Just as Chairman of governors of the local boys school , we 've er , as Mr knows only too well , have written on a number of occasions erm saying how soon will the er these measures be brought forward , and I welcome them and er hope that we will agree them .
4 The term ‘ cloning ’ refers to a method of asexual reproduction , such as grafting of varieties of apples , whereby all offspring are exact genetic replicas of the parent stock .
5 For change of parties on application , see Chapter 5 .
6 She was also a leader in the struggle for admission of women to fellowship in the London Chemical Society .
7 This will not , however , address the deficiencies of local storage facilities on those occasions , such as immunisation of children at school , when vaccines need to be transported to other sites .
8 Product-container compatibility includes all possible interactions between product and container such as absorption of constituents of the product by the container , leaching of constituents of the container by the product , corrosion or other adverse effects of the product on the container and the barrier properties of the container ; that is , its effectiveness in protecting the contents from the adverse effects of atmospheric oxygen and/or water vapour and in retaining water and other volatile constituents of the product .
9 It prefers to publish Charters laying the onus for provision of services on others .
10 Laser treatment is now established in many units for palliation of symptoms in patients with inoperable rectal cancer .
11 A provision for division of profits after the firm 's annual accounts have been approved ( see below ) but with provision for appropriate amounts on account of anticipated liability to income tax to be withheld out of the undrawn balance of each partner 's share at the year 's end ( Clause 10.02 ) and for repayment of excessive drawings ( Clause 10.03 ) .
12 Under both the Institution of Civil Engineer 's Conditions of Contract ( fifth edition ) and Joint Contracts Tribunal conditions the contractor may apply for payment for permanent work done to date and , depending on the terms of the contract , for purchase of goods off site ( subject to title to the goods having passed to the employer ) .
13 A most important consideration in laser techniques is the sensitivity of detection , which depends on the probability ( the ‘ cross section ’ ) for absorption of photons by atoms .
14 An agreement to resume diplomatic relations with Syria after a 30-month break was announced on Jan. 9 , 1989 ( for severance of relations in July 1987 following Hassan 's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister see pp. 34832-33 ) .
15 Labour Members should consider what is said in the parents charter about inspection of schools in Wales .
16 The Chemical Sciences modules may be used as part of programmes in a number of vocational areas such as chemical processing , pharmaceuticals , biochemistry , petrochemicals and agriculture .
17 The Physical Sciences modules may be used as part of programmes in a number of vocational areas such as medical physics , optical technology , electrical engineering , electronic engineering , catering , instrumentation , computer technology , metallurgy , building and civil engineering .
18 The Ministry of Defence announced today that it will close in 20 months time as part of cutbacks in defence spending .
19 In Tuzla , UN aid workers were preparing to evacuate Serb civilians as part of attempts by the Unprofor commander in Bosnia , French General Philippe Morillon , to restart aid convoys .
20 Mr Lewis will visit the Inter Leisure Park on Tuesday as part of meetings with 50 representatives of the tourist industry in North Wales .
21 In 1990 , during discussions about economic restructuring , the Minister of Finance , Economic Planning and Development , Bernard Chidzero , hinted that primary school fees might be re-introduced as part of cuts in public sector spending .
22 During his visit to France on June 16-19 , which included meetings with President Mitterrand and the Prime Minister , Michel Rocard , Hawke welcomed the French government 's announcement that it would reduce its nuclear-testing programme in the Pacific as part of cuts in defence spending .
23 Earlier in the year she had discussed circumcision , infertility and basic ante-natal care with her twelve-year-old girls , as part of classes on domestic economy and home-management .
24 On this and the following day , over 300 sorties were flown as part of preparations for the US Marine invasion of Tulagi and two smaller nearby islands .
25 Israel had sought his release as part of negotiations for the freedom of Western hostages held in Lebanon .
26 Finance ministers of the European Communities ( EC ) and European central bank governors held an informal meeting in Luxembourg on May 11 as part of negotiations on economic and monetary union ( EMU ) under way since December 1990 [ see pp. 37905-06 ] .
27 In general , businesses prefer to avoid the courts , litigation ( and even lawyers ) so far as possible , and the terms may therefore make provision for settlement of disputes by arbitration , or by one of the other systems of alternative dispute resolution , such as conciliation , which are now available .
28 Students accepted on to the Diploma in Social Work will be considered for payment of fees by the Department of Health and Social Services only if they are allocated a quota place by the University .
29 Mr. Utley submits on behalf of the board that , on the true construction of section 18(1) , power to make an order for payment of costs by the board is only exercisable in favour of a person who is an unassisted party at the time when the relevant proceedings are finally decided , i.e. who is not then receiving legal aid .
30 The agreement , subject to ratification by the Federal Senate , provided for payment of arrears of US$2,000 million in 1991 , of which 45 per cent was payable immediately and the rest in equal monthly instalments by December 1991 .
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