Example sentences of "[prep] [noun sg] of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 If it is seen as part of control over quality of education , the parent might ask why the child should be given access at all .
2 Of thunder of spring over distant mountains
3 In order to compare the uptake of Ac-ASA with that of 5-ASA , the rate of uptake of Ac-ASA over one hour has to be derived .
4 Residuals can tell us about the general level of variability of data over and above that accounted for by the fit ; we can judge atypical behaviour against this variability , as measured , for example , by the midspread of the residuals .
5 As with chimneys , so with synapses ; if they are constructed — or even reconstructed — during learning , one might expect a brief increase in the rate of synthesis of proteins over the time when an animal was being trained and memory was being formed .
6 Imported raw cotton was the basis for the emergence of the most dynamic of the " new " manufactures , but as late as 1776 Adam Smith omitted cotton goods from his argument for a sustained expansion and downward spread of consumption of non-essentials over the " course of the present century " , and still found examples enough for his purpose .
7 Pour a sloppy mix of plaster of Paris over the damaged area to form a new key
8 I am aware , however , that surveying techniques of the last 150 years have been to standards of accuracy of centimetres over the same sort of distance and landscape .
9 In this kind of evaluation of change over time , it is argued that it is easier to attribute changes directly to the planned intervention , since it is unlikely that other experiences to which the child might be exposed would produce the same pattern of differential progress across different aspects of language .
10 Unfavourable circumstances encouraged strong orientation towards the present , not the future : a feeling of lack of control over events and a tendency to accept them passively .
11 An example of the objectionable content of the draft was the call for relaxation of controls over private sector housing : ‘ local authorities should not lay down requirements on the mix of house types , provision of garages , internal standards , sizes of private gardens , location of houses on plots and in relation to each other , provision of private open space . ’
12 In 1923 the USA and Britain reached an agreement for repayment of debts over a 62-year period at 3.3% interest .
13 Giant migrating contractions are associated with transit of market over larger distances in a distal direction .
14 The composition of the Supreme Soviet would follow closely the proposals set out in the draft Union Treaty [ see pp. 38348-49 ] , whose planned signature on Aug. 20 by five republics had been pre-empted by the coup : the Soviet of the Union would consist of deputies from union republics , elected according to existing quotas , subject to the consent of republican governments ; the Soviet ( Council ) of the Republics would be the upper chamber , dealing with the organization of union bodies and foreign links , with power of veto over the Soviet of the Union , whose responsibilities would involve the rights and freedoms of citizens .
15 Employment was more easily lost than obtained in the eighteenth century , for supervisors with power of removal over their subordinates rarely had much inclination to investigate the accuracy of an accusation against one of their officers , if that charge was brought with the support of a man of political influence who might harm his own career if thwarted .
16 The need to preserve experience for knowledge based systems , the need for verification in case of dispute over contract or other liabilities , legal requirements and citizens data access rights will ensure the preservation of wide ranges of data .
17 The US Exxon Corporation on March 13 agreed to pay a record sum in settlement of claims over the Exxon Valdez oil spillage off the coast of Alaska in March 1989 [ see pp. 36541 ; 36606 ] .
18 In aid of Colburn Over 60s Club .
19 Apart from loss of control over females , there is also another danger in overinflating the size of the harem .
20 Now that I was in touch with Leslie again , I became very happy at Bletchley , in spite of anxiety over his safety .
21 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
22 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
23 Changes in usage of terms over time can also present problems .
24 Public accountability is particularly important in respect of activities over which the government has a monopoly and in respect of which the citizen has no choice but to deal with the government .
25 Hank Holland president and chief executive officer said the firm would continue to support its E and M mainframe series software for another seven to ten years , but would start to reduce research and development expenditure in favour of client/server over the next three years .
26 The only significant differences were in favour of placebo over efamol marine for responses of erythema ( p=0.04 ) and cracking ( p=0.05 ) .
27 Another argument in favour of fees over commission is that there will be more incentive for stockbrokers to take a real interest in their clients ' portfolios , since any increase in their value will bear directly on the brokers ' remuneration .
28 Even when age of acquisition and age at time of test are controlled there is a consistent gap in favour of production over comprehension of BSL for groups of signers with average six , 12 and 20 years ' experience ( Kyle , Woll and Llewellyn-Jones , 1981 ) .
29 Identical analyses of Costa scores showed no significant differences , with the exception of improvement in oedema at 16 weeks in favour of epogam over placebo ( p=0.04 ) .
30 Also on Dec. 2 Baker announced that he was appealing to the House of Lords against an Appeal Court ruling of Nov. 29 which had declared him personally in contempt of court over his decision in May to cancel the return flight to the UK of a deported Zaïrean citizen , although a High Court judge had ordered a stay on the latter 's removal .
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