Example sentences of "[prep] [noun sg] [prep] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The branch secretary , Kathleen McAlorum , a Motherwell district councillor , said that an emergency meeting of the branch executive had been called last Sunday after complaints and threats of resignation from members over the deal for representation on the European committee of the regions .
2 Two-term double modules are used mostly in humanities and social sciences and give longer periods of study for students over broader subject areas .
3 Drape the triangle of fabric in folds over the curtains and pole .
4 As with chimneys , so with synapses ; if they are constructed — or even reconstructed — during learning , one might expect a brief increase in the rate of synthesis of proteins over the time when an animal was being trained and memory was being formed .
5 Imported raw cotton was the basis for the emergence of the most dynamic of the " new " manufactures , but as late as 1776 Adam Smith omitted cotton goods from his argument for a sustained expansion and downward spread of consumption of non-essentials over the " course of the present century " , and still found examples enough for his purpose .
6 One consequence of this has been a distrust of geometric intuition and the downgrading of geometry by educationalists over the past 50 years or so .
7 Indeed there are even differences of opinion among environmentalists over how this increasing demand upon the countryside is to be accommodated .
8 The Sun at odds with Saturn in Aquarius on the 8th should give you fair warning of conflict with others over home , family or professional matters .
9 Technological innovation is the source of many manufacturing processes which produce harmful pollutants , of products which cause great harm in themselves and of processes which permit immense powers of control by governments over individuals .
10 The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales has told the Welsh Office that its plan to meet a near doubling of demand for aggregates over the next 20 years , will cause irrevocable harm to many areas of Wales ( 1 ) .
11 We have the feeling of participation in events over which , for the most part , we have in fact very little , if any , control .
12 I am aware , however , that surveying techniques of the last 150 years have been to standards of accuracy of centimetres over the same sort of distance and landscape .
13 If one simply looks at the level of unemployment amongst architects over time , it is difficult to identify a clear pattern linked to any of the regulatory reforms .
14 There has been a 30–40 per cent reduction in the amount of fat on pigs over the last 10 years , ’ says Professor James .
15 More importantly , recent research reveals a major lack of consensus among politicians over the basic role of government in the economy [ Harris , 1981 ] .
16 It came about through changes of agreement amongst speakers over the course of time involving greater and greater consensus on open /α : / as the appropriate realization , and it is not fully explainable in purely linguistic terms .
17 An example of the objectionable content of the draft was the call for relaxation of controls over private sector housing : ‘ local authorities should not lay down requirements on the mix of house types , provision of garages , internal standards , sizes of private gardens , location of houses on plots and in relation to each other , provision of private open space . ’
18 In 1923 the USA and Britain reached an agreement for repayment of debts over a 62-year period at 3.3% interest .
19 ‘ I had to go up to Clapton yesterday and haggle with Antinou for hours over that bloody Egyptian cotton .
20 A current travelling retrospective which opened in her home town gallery and was organised by the gallery 's chief curator , Michael Aupling , includes 80 works on paper and canvas , documenting the artist 's process from sketch to oils over the past 18 years ( 1974–1992 ) .
21 The increasing numbers of colleges approaching the CNAA had to do in part with difficulties over validation by universities — particularly those which were unwilling or reluctant to validate honours degrees — and in part with the attraction of the CNAA as a validating body which could consider a range of courses , including those in the areas of proposed diversification .
22 The US Exxon Corporation on March 13 agreed to pay a record sum in settlement of claims over the Exxon Valdez oil spillage off the coast of Alaska in March 1989 [ see pp. 36541 ; 36606 ] .
23 In addition to doubts over the ability of the system to survive , there is a noticeable loss of confidence in the basic institutions of the system itself : corporations , trade unions and governments .
24 In open-ended stalls , the sows are kept in place by chains over their necks or bodies .
25 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
26 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
27 Changes in usage of terms over time can also present problems .
28 Public accountability is particularly important in respect of activities over which the government has a monopoly and in respect of which the citizen has no choice but to deal with the government .
29 Another argument in favour of fees over commission is that there will be more incentive for stockbrokers to take a real interest in their clients ' portfolios , since any increase in their value will bear directly on the brokers ' remuneration .
30 The following four chapters ( Ch. 7–10 ) look at aspects of the delineation of the field of sexuality : in relation to debates over population , in its construction as an area of specialised knowledge , and in relation to organisations and movements that challenged the sexual status quo in the nineteenth century and first third of the present century .
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