Example sentences of "[prep] [noun sg] [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Mr Heseltine who 's MP for Henley , walked out of Mrs Thatcher 's Cabinet as Defence Secretary over the Westland helicopters affair in January nineteen eighty six .
2 An issue for research libraries over the next few years is to seize the opportunity offered by technology for enrichment of OPACs as electronic access tools .
3 Hybridization signals were quantified by densitometric scanning of these blots and levels of induction are expressed as fold increase over the signals in untreated controls .
4 The abolition of tax concessions for home owners over the next two years , along with continued falls in house prices , will trigger a stampede to rent , it says .
5 Figure 7.3 shows the values of figure 7.2 expressed as percentage change over the period 1961–81 .
6 Now someone else told me , and it worked , and if you just lay a piece of kitchen paper over the top , that absorbs some of the moisture
7 The symbolic roles of political leaders preoccupied Pareto and Mosca , who characterized them in a persistently cynical way as outright manipulation or fraud , simple tricks essential to the maintenance of elite control over the mass .
8 Since a patient 's recall of drug history over the years is an unreliable measure for determining the extent of laxative abuse , we endeavoured to correlate the incidence of pseudomelanosis coli with the endoscopic diagnosis of colorectal diseases .
9 This , arguably , provides a diffuse but important form of decision control over the managers .
10 The Human Development Report 1992 released by the UN Development Programme ( UNDP ) on April 23 showed that the doubling of income disparities over the last 30 years had enabled " the richest 20 per cent of the world 's people [ to become ] … at least 150 times more than the poorest 20 per cent " .
11 It is important , too , that close attention is paid to image building ( e.g. banks and insurance companies must be seen to be stable , reliable institutions , but with a friendly , non-intimidating attitude — an image which banks in particular have spent a lot of money fostering over the past decade ) .
12 This involved setting targets each year for the growth of money supply over the following four years : the targets got progressively tighter over the four years , thus ‘ putting the squeeze on inflation ’ .
13 Given the close relationship between three month interbank rates and base rates , this provides a good guide to the money market 's expectation of the path of base rates over the next twelve months .
14 He took a piece of tracing paper over the old one though and Germanicised it and took it away from what we call Old English .
15 Given the halving of living standards over the past year , this was an even more remarkable result .
16 In a tank without undergravels you have a choice ; either sprinkle a thin layer of coral sand over the base , or leave it bare and let algae grow there , making it easier for cleaning .
17 One on whom the sun played even through the bed of snow cloud over the roofs of the Administration block .
18 Low income families would be compensated by doubling the value of child benefit over the life of a parliament .
19 It is suggested that the revenue from fiscal drag , which currently goes in financing the inflation-proofing of personal tax allowances , and which under these proposals would no longer exist , should be used to finance the doubling of child benefit over the life of a parliament .
20 LANGLEY manager Vic Hillier is to resign at the end of the season amid question marks over the club 's future .
21 The American embassy in Seoul reviewed the history of guerrilla activity over the past few years in April 1950 .
22 Finally , the project measures changes in the level and sources of household income over the period and evaluates changes in government policy towards the rural poor .
23 The improvement in the speed and comfort of coach travel over the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries was very striking , although overshadowed by the even more dramatic later impact of the railways .
24 We lobbied the British Board of Dream Classification over the blasphemy rulings .
25 The question which arose in those cases was whether the cessation of trade , in the sense of ‘ putting the shutters up , ’ immediately deprived the court of bankruptcy jurisdiction over the married woman , or whether it continued while the trade debts remained unpaid .
26 Fighting in the former Soviet republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan has intensified meanwhile in the run-up to the latest round of peace talks over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh .
27 I am pleased to report further extensions of home care over the last year to meet the growing needs in Glasgow and also to cover a greater area of the South Coast and the East Midlands .
28 This ceramic could play an important part in the development of electrode technology over the coming years .
29 We have announced a number of job losses over the past 12 months which have arisen as a result of er an internal cost cutting exercise to make our research more er cost effective , and also as a result of decisions by the Government and the electricity supply industry who have cut down their funding for basic research into reactor technology .
30 The article was a review of process developments over the years and the way changing technology has impacted on fuel design .
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