Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 Their performance against Rangers was inexplicable and one can not believe that the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders , which lasted eight hours on the day before the match , with bickerings between cabals of directors over the club 's future , had no effect on the players .
2 Secondary education , mainly in schools now known as grammar schools , was available nationally for 20% of children over the age of eleven , with pronounced regional variations .
3 In just the same way , evolution consists of genes spreading at each other 's expense , but many , perhaps most , genetic mechanisms are about enforcing common interest of groups of genes over the selfish ambitions of the few .
4 Therefore , Piaroa boys are not constrained into learning the aggressive stance of young warriors to fight men of this world ; they do not learn to accept the dominance relationships of groups of men over other groups of men .
5 As with chimneys , so with synapses ; if they are constructed — or even reconstructed — during learning , one might expect a brief increase in the rate of synthesis of proteins over the time when an animal was being trained and memory was being formed .
6 Imported raw cotton was the basis for the emergence of the most dynamic of the " new " manufactures , but as late as 1776 Adam Smith omitted cotton goods from his argument for a sustained expansion and downward spread of consumption of non-essentials over the " course of the present century " , and still found examples enough for his purpose .
7 I am aware , however , that surveying techniques of the last 150 years have been to standards of accuracy of centimetres over the same sort of distance and landscape .
8 A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Oct. 2 that Russia would press ahead with the sale of diesel submarines to Iran despite reports of difficulties over payments [ see p. 39122 ] .
9 An example of the objectionable content of the draft was the call for relaxation of controls over private sector housing : ‘ local authorities should not lay down requirements on the mix of house types , provision of garages , internal standards , sizes of private gardens , location of houses on plots and in relation to each other , provision of private open space . ’
10 In 1923 the USA and Britain reached an agreement for repayment of debts over a 62-year period at 3.3% interest .
11 In the chapter on evolution , Stuart rightly stresses the importance of a good stratigraphic and geographic record for studies of changes over time between species .
12 Golfers , with bags of clubs over shoulders , boarded tramcars which would take them to many of the numerous golf-clubs in and around the city .
13 The US Exxon Corporation on March 13 agreed to pay a record sum in settlement of claims over the Exxon Valdez oil spillage off the coast of Alaska in March 1989 [ see pp. 36541 ; 36606 ] .
14 I 'm in floods of tears over nothing !
15 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
16 This northern land was to remain in Gloucester 's possession for the rest of his life , in spite of disputes over the descent of the rest of the Warwick inheritance , and formed the centrepiece of his influence in the north .
17 Changes in usage of terms over time can also present problems .
18 The stress on mineral extraction has left the settlers ( now almost 10 million as was estimated early in 1982 ) in effect abandoned , and their fate is reported in terms of disputes over land , the sowing of their land with weed seeds from the air and even the poisoning of their drinking water .
19 Public accountability is particularly important in respect of activities over which the government has a monopoly and in respect of which the citizen has no choice but to deal with the government .
20 Another argument in favour of fees over commission is that there will be more incentive for stockbrokers to take a real interest in their clients ' portfolios , since any increase in their value will bear directly on the brokers ' remuneration .
21 A number of steps involving work on crystals , yeast cells , thymus cells and mouse cells , in relation to transmissions of patterns over a distance , led to amazing discoveries .
22 You have to look at quality of earnings over the next decade , not over the next year .
23 Although only eight of the 23 British Columbia players who went to the World Cup were on hand for the two games it was enough to see the host province safely through to championship no.23 by virtue of wins over Alberta — and that was a close call indeed — and NEWFOUNDLAND .
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