Example sentences of "[adj] it is [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 From this it is hoped that our loyal readership will pass in comments to correct , add to and refine this listing so that a more major work can be published within these pages in the future .
2 If by this it is meant that there are certain types of decision which can be taken jointly through cooperative arrangements made by different sovereign authorities , there can be little disagreement .
3 There is evidence that some species of trichonemes may become resistant to benzimidazole compounds and to avoid this it is suggested that these should be alternated with chemically unrelated anthelmintics on an annual or a six-monthly basis .
4 The receiver is not , however , obliged to fulfil existing contracts and because of this it is claimed that in this regard he is better placed than the company which of course must stand by its contracts .
5 On top of this it is known that any one mould would only be in use between seven and fifteen years .
6 Arising from this it is held that if we are to have forms of science and technology which will be human-enhancing and liberating , make products that are ecologically desirable , conserve energy and materials in the long term , and help human beings rather than maim them , then we will require forms of science and technology which differ radically from those which predominate at the moment .
7 In contrast to this it is estimated that alcohol is a factor in 30 per cent of murders , 45 per cent of assaults and 88 per cent of criminal damage arrests .
8 From this it is deduced that the lexicon provides adequate but not complete coverage .
9 From this it is deduced that one who is seised must have an estate , and unless he claims through some gift which cuts down the estate then it will be a fee simple …
10 In 1885 it is recorded that transparent thin sections of rocks were sent to London for microscopic investigation and 3 years later sections of English and Irish rocks were being made in Edinburgh .
11 By 1993 it is hoped that all women over 50 in the area will have been screened .
12 NOTICE To : Smith & Jones ( Contracts ) Limited , whose registered office is situate at Coldharbour Road , Thames Marshes , Essex WHEREAS ( 1 ) You are justly and truly indebted in the sum of £1250 to Robinson Bros Ltd trading as Go Fast Transport whose registered office is situate at Cornmarket Chambers Ipswich Suffolk more particularly in respect of transport costs for the quick delivery of fragile machine equipment and related warehousing costs ( 2 ) By Section 517 ( 1 ) ( f ) of the Companies Act 1985 it is provided that a company may be wound up by the court if the company is unable to pay its debts ( exceeding £750 ) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to you pursuant to Section 518(1) ( a ) of the Companies Act 1985 that you are required to pay the said sum of £1250 to Go Fast Transport ( GFT ) not later than 3 weeks from tomorrow 's date AND that if you neglect to pay the said sum or to secure or compound for it to the reasonable satisfaction of GFT an application will be made to the court for your winding up by petition presented by GFT under the provisions of Section 519 of the Companies Act 1985 .
13 As such it is felt that this method could be used as a model for other departmental syllabi .
14 Under s5(1) of SGA 1979 it is envisaged that future goods , ie " goods to be manufactured or acquired by the seller " , can form part of a contract of sale .
15 In Britain in 1991 it is estimated that there are 8,838,000 persons aged 65 and over ( and more than 10 million of pensionable age ) , representing some 15.8% of the total population .
16 In 1991 it is estimated that the young elderly represent 56% of all elderly persons , and further proportionate falls are anticipated .
17 On 4 December 1940 it is recorded that ‘ the child of Mrs McKinley was received as a Junior Member ’ and in 1943 a Cottage Meeting was started i the home of Mr and Mrs Walsh of Breagh and a good attendance was reported .
18 12.3 It is acknowledged that several areas of activity/involvement in monitoring violence need to take place concurrently within the Department .
19 By April 1992 it is projected that the number of agencies will have risen to 70 and that around 50 per cent of the civil service will be organized on Next Steps principles .
20 21.1 It is certified that the transaction effected by this Agreement does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value , or the aggregate amount or value , of the consideration exceeds £30,000 .
21 5.2 It is anticipated that the annual cycle for processing applications for validation of new-style courses will be :
22 How comforting it is to know that Charles can communicate so well with people who are 40 or 50 years older than himself .
23 While yesterday 's purchase price was kept confidential it is believed that Mr Arkley paid between £150,000 and £200,000 for each of his new pubs .
24 ( c ) Court order and completion of abstract It is recommended that a copy of the original court order marked as examined against the original be lodged with the title documents .
25 4.23 It is recognised that certain events and periods during the daily routine may raise the anxieties of residents and clients .
26 i It is believed that the government and the tobacco industry are on the verge of signing a new voluntary agreement , according to a report in Marketing .
27 By the year 2000 it is predicted that there will be 88.3 million people suffering from selected disorders in Latin America , an increase of 48.1% .
28 In Dt. 25:4 it is decreed that an ox which is working should not be muzzled but allowed to eat .
29 First it is argued that where a state is relatively just one ought to support and maintain it .
30 First it is argued that the privilege granted to companies of limited liability violates the Christian concept of personal responsibility for one 's actions .
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