Example sentences of "[adj] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 This entirely new production , due to go on to the Royal National Theatre in London , remains true to the essence of Lorca 's play , and as vibrant as the heat and colours of ‘ the land of sun and shadow ’ .
2 He was due to go up to the Blue Mountains that morning and she started having pains , she said .
3 The former James Bond star got stagefright only weeks before the curtain was due to go up on the original West End show and made a shock exit .
4 When are you due to go back to the hospital ? ’
5 he , he were due to go back in the army and he overstayed
6 Runswick Bay , a multi-million pound investment by Yorkshire Television , is due to go out on the network five days a week next year .
7 ( e ) Limited contracting-out It may still be possible to contract out of the implied obligations owed under supply contracts .
8 Though it is possible to trace a system of remedies outside the court structure back a thousand years ( Wraith and Hutchesson , 1973 ) , it is unnecessary to go back beyond the National Insurance Act 1911 for an historical background to modern tribunals .
9 Despite the growth of the disabled people 's movement these paper professionals still think it quite normal to sit down round the table and decide what 's best for us .
10 Having started the match eight points down from the first leg , Hemel spent the first half apparently doing everything they could to double the deficit .
11 As he waxed into an eloquent period , he would realize the absurdity of his situation or the humbug of his pleading and be overcome with internal laughter , a laughter so vast that on occasion it left him too weak to go on with the speech .
12 I look forward especially to a future opportunity to develop his views on the desirability of keeping national insurance contributions as low as possible and of working out exactly how that fits in with the policies of some of his right hon. and hon. Friends , but that is for another occasion , Madam Deputy Speaker .
13 Canon Wright said : ‘ I believe that to go back on the progress that was made in the convention would be a retrograde step , for what is going to replace it ? ’
14 Tufnell bowls , quickly , flatter , and that whistles through outside the off stump , ooh , groans and shouts of disappointment all around the wicket there , echoed by Victor Marks , yeah , yeah in the box .
15 If the whole group has to make its decision through verbal discussion it is often better to first present the issue or problem to small groups , then ask each to report back to the whole group .
16 The Foreign Office accommodation , with the possible exception of the Foreign Secretary 's residence , would be almost the same as that laid down in the competition .
17 I am unaware of any allegations of malpractice at the prison I visited , but it has often been claimed elsewhere that frauds are common among both staff and prisoners responsible for storing , weighing and distributing food , and that the actual consumption per prisoner can be up to 20 per cent below that laid down in the regulations .
18 It was enacted that the vill should not be required to pay the cost of service beyond the county boundary , that the equipment required of troops should not go beyond that laid down in the Statute of Winchester , and that service overseas should not be required as an obligation of tenure .
19 He was staring at the glove box now , he was too low to see out of the window .
20 As a source of information , the return collates much that should have been delivered for registration when the relevant transactions occurred , so that a searcher may find it unnecessary to search back beyond the latest annual return on the file .
21 It is possible to go on with the same therapist to deal with the problems which caused you to need the regression experience in the first place .
22 However , Operation Granby proved that it is possible to go out onto the charter market for ships and find ships from many different nations to perform the tasks that we wanted of them .
23 Orwell 's socialism would reflect the democratic virtues characteristic of the English working class — ‘ the genuinely popular culture … that goes on beneath the surface , unofficially and more or less frowned on by the authorities . ’
24 What do , in terms of erm , terms of prostitution , is that act , is that , does that bother you or are you not bo bothered really about the fact that that goes on in the area ?
25 And most of that goes on in the daytime
26 And that goes back to the early days of silage .
27 That goes out of the window when you become an outlaw .
28 We must insist on a system of tests that will be for the benefit of the pupils ; that will test what each one can do in practical work and in theoretical understanding ; and will serve as a motive for each to go on to the next stage .
29 Established in 1985 with an initial funding of about £14 million , DELTA has now commissioned 30 projects for its exploratory phase , most due to report back to the Commission early in 1991 .
30 Now , Julie has a modern kitchen that 's been carefully designed to make good use of all the available space , and that blends in with the style of the rest of the house .
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