Example sentences of "[verb] him [prep] the [num ord] " in BNC.

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1 One very small point of procedure is worth noting : at a first glance at this example there appears to be a redundancy of the indication pp , but on closer examination it is seen that it has never been used unnecessarily , for where it appears on the same line of the score in two successive bars the first of the pair of instruments whose parts are written on that line enters alone , and the second joins him in the next bar .
2 Like if I interviewed Johnny Thunders , it was n't to meet him for the first time , it was to try to save his career . ’
3 ‘ It reminds me of my dear father one day at Sandwich , ’ she was saying , ‘ when we were picnicking on the sands and we had arranged to meet him at the nineteenth hole .
4 So he went to the commanding officer at Binbrook ( who was the one who had recommended him in the first place ) , and said — no thanks , I want to get out .
5 After starting the day a stroke behind Stewart , the USPGA champion , Langer overhauled him over the seventh , eighth and ninth holes .
6 However Steve decided it would be unfair for the winners to go without some kind of reward , and so he intends to pop round to show you his collection of ‘ Bunty ’ comics — expect him within the next 28 days .
7 It was in 1977 and ‘ 78 that McEvoy won this title before Ronan Rafferty beat him for the first ( and only ) time in nearly 30 matches for England .
8 Sheffield went ahead after 30 minutes when Gage knocked the ball past Allen as he burst into the goalmouth and , though Walker parried both his shot and Deane 's follow-up , Deane beat him at the third attempt .
9 But Gareth Williams beat him on the second .
10 If he races on Saturday New Level will line up against the much fancied Ringa Hustle and the dog which beat him in the last round , Apres Soleil , which is on offer at 80–1 .
11 His own oeuvre , lacking perhaps the soaring inspiration of Paul De Lamerie [ q.v. ] or Paul Crespin , nevertheless places him in the first rank .
12 " Oh , that 's you , Fiver , is it ? " said Bigwig , noticing him for the first time .
13 After it had trapped him for the third time , he ordered all the cages to be thrown into the sea .
14 And one particularly thorough research study on boys growing up in London concluded that if a boy offends , the best way to prevent him from offending repeatedly is not to catch him in the first place ( West , 1992 : 104–11 ) !
15 He had seemed certain to become the first black Tory MP , representing Cheltenham — Norman Tebbit had tipped him as the first black cabinet minister and there 'd even been the odd hint that he might one day inhabit No 10 .
16 His friends hail him as the last great artist of the 20th century .
17 Saw him at a sale being knocked down to a known horsemeat dealer and stepped in and outbid him at the last moment .
18 During the campaign itself Healey was noticed by only about 12 per cent on average but that concealed some sharp variations : 28 per cent noticed him in the last two days of the campaign , immediately after a spectacular on-screen row with TV-am presenter Ann Diamond .
19 To cover the fact that she had far too many feelings altogether , she ignored him for the first part of the morning .
20 ‘ We do n't want you to be neglected , ’ I told him for the umptieth time .
21 ‘ Not today , thank you , ’ I told him for the umptieth time .
22 Tradition anachronistically proclaims him as the first pope — the first ruler of the Church which was to enshrine Paul 's triumph and constitute an edifice of Pauline thought .
23 Instead , Eubank clinically TKO 'd him in the ninth .
24 What Boy had to do now was not walk down those streets , but stand still and choose amongst their inhabitants , choose the right one to follow , the right one to lead him in the next stage of his journey or wandering through the city .
25 But Faldo has reserved his most barbed comments for Alliss and the press , even though the publicity afforded him over the last 16 years has brought a £2 million home and bulging bank account worth more than £10m .
26 His 60-year-old wife called in police , claiming he had punched her during the early hours after the ceremony to install him as the 18th civic leader at Stockton .
27 The plan is foiled but Magwitch escapes the gallows by dying in hospital , with Pip tending him to the last .
28 She would have to have a word with her father about this man and find out what on earth had inspired him to hire him in the first place .
29 We see a dancer at a rave , film him later that week , and project him at the next rave . ’
30 She had hardly seen him over the last months .
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