Example sentences of "[verb] just been [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 However , if he 's left alone for a minute it feels like an hour to him , he can not remember what has just been said to him , therefore he will repeat himself endlessly , and he has no frame of references to enable him to take part in any kind of conversation .
2 From the children 's point of view , what they really want to get out of a project is precisely the content which , for teachers , has just been relegated to a secondary position .
3 And that that guy has just been transferred to another group so you know we 're now one short well in fact we 're three or four short up in Scotland so .
4 You see I 've got with me in the studio here Stan Bowes , who 's the head of marketing for the Thames and Chilterns Tourist Board , and Stan has just been explaining to us that there is this campaign to encourage people to take holidays in this country .
5 SHARON SHANNON , whose debut solo album has just been released to great critical acclaim , embarks on an extensive Irish tour in November .
6 The stationary state has just been taken to be one in which population is stationary .
7 Buckingham Palace has just been opened to the public , and several hundred people , ready to fork out the £8 ( $12.50 ) admission charge , wait patiently .
8 Because , about a week before John drew our attention to that matter of concern , I had prayerfully chosen a theme for tonight , based on the set gospel — the passage that has just been read to us from the first chapter of John .
9 So it will help to keep your Bible open at the passage which has just been read to us , from the ninth chapter of the gospel according to Matthew .
10 I 'd just been talking to the guard , twelve hour shifts , sixty hours a week and he ca n't even have any time off for tea breaks or meal breaks .
11 By nine , the playroom was like something censored out of Gremlins , and I spent most of the morning as a cross between Mummy Bear and Mister Wolf I 'd just been pinned to the floor , it was like an insane asylum in Lilliput , when buti Sikita beckoned me to the phone .
12 She was n't sure which would have been worse — open , lustful leering , or the teasing mockery she 'd just been subjected to .
13 took the first call , but I 've just been speaking to him , and you 'd better have the full picture . ’
14 ‘ I 've just been speaking to my sister .
15 ‘ I 've just been speaking to Drewer , ’ rapped Naylor .
16 ‘ By the way , I 've just been listening to the news .
17 Oh I 've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris .
18 Then that particular Saturday , Leith 's outgoing if slightly irresponsible brother had come to tell her excitedly , ‘ I 've just been chatting to Rosemary Green ! ’
19 Er in fact I have now , Mr has found the er the report which has actually got the traffic assessment e that we 've just been referring to which is er no western relief road but with in an inner northern road .
20 Now you 've just been describing to us Mr about er your leisure activities etcetera and it was sort of confined to the etcetera .
21 " Take the Tran family over there who 've just been introduced to your father , for instance .
22 ‘ I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
23 I 've just been talking to Captain Montgomery .
24 ‘ I 've just been talking to Mrs Flaherty , ’ she said .
25 Erm I I 've just been talking to me husband about it .
26 Catching her arm , he said quietly , ‘ I 've just been talking to Donal . ’
27 But I 've just been talking to the head there and he said you know that you know the tor tutorial programme , Mrs started it all erm
28 You may have to say , Well I 've just been talking to the estate agent about this and er you know on a number occasions he 's sent people along to you er may be you did n't realize that was happening .
29 Well no she does n't , I 've just been talking to her .
30 Self-confidence can be at a low ebb if you 've just been told to p … off by an embittered pedestrian .
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