Example sentences of "[verb] me at the time " in BNC.

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1 So er I thought a alright then , so I I went off like and I just heard erm and said , I went up to see her mother like and , I told her mother about it , like and that and erm her mother says different now , that she came round to see me at the time to tell , to give me a telling off like over her friend .
2 This , of course , did not affect me at the time !
3 ‘ You should have told me at the time ! ’
4 She could not convince me at the time that anything bad could happen , now that I had finally ‘ solved ’ my eating problems , and for a short time I felt jubilant , relieved and ecstatic .
5 What interested me at the time was whether the ‘ naturally ’ weak non-metallic crystals could be made strong too .
6 I then did a series of films with Robert de Vicenzo , big money in those days , which convinced me at the time that Roberto would win the 1967 Open .
7 It never struck me at the time .
8 It struck me at the time that there was something rather apt about such a pedestrian people developing such a pedestrian means of covert assassination — ’ He broke off to laugh at his own pun .
9 That was his word , and it struck me at the time that it was extreme language for a man of his temperament .
10 What struck me at the time about the " battle " between Bennett and Slessor was that Bennett acted as an agent for his C-in-C as well as in his , own personal interest .
11 That afternoon , various incidents that had puzzled me at the time , became clear to me .
12 Although these omissions suited me at the time , I have since found them incredible to the point of doubting my own powers of recollection , but when I checked recently with my sister , she confirmed their accuracy .
13 Erm I I 'm speaking from recollection sir at having looked into this in the context of planning appeal which is now a little while ago , but it did strike me at the time that er there was a definite feeling that the agricultural issue was very strong protection of ag agricultural land throughout was a strong issue up to er the mid nineteen eighties and certainly was up to the time in late seventy nine early nineteen eighty and er therefore there was a feeling that Policy E three simply er was supplementary to those other policies .
14 ‘ Because ‘ e 's my mate , and it annoyed me at the time to see ‘ im get ahead of me . ’
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