Example sentences of "[verb] been [vb pp] [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 A lot of erm group one plans are , there are about ten thousand plans that are showing an arrears status at the moment , and premium has been missed some time ago , it 's not a , not a current premium , which means on the fifteenth of June or the first of July we will automatically go in and pick up two premiums , we 'll t we 'll try and collect the arrears without having notified the client of it in any way at all .
2 Erm ironically after I wrote erm the letter was typed on Monday erm to Mr Mr the only lights that have been fixed since are the ones at the end of my street and the next street not as I complained about ones on the main road erm there 's an example that 's been going on for many months where a problem , an acknowledged problem of access existed which was the reason for delay but that as I understand it has been overcome some time ago now and it 's still there , this is a group of seven lights together , the lot , erm these lights are still out , they 're not in my ward in fact , they 're just .
3 Another free kick has been given this time against big Mike Whitlow Lively start to the game and a lively start for the referee .
4 THE mercy death doctor has been given more time to consider his future .
5 That book of his has been finished some time , by the way , and is about to appear in the bookshops .
6 The tree has been removed some time since .
7 She may have been killed any time in the last two days . ’
8 He teaches you how to write wonderful , metaphysical narratives , but they could have been written any time this century .
9 You must bear in mind that you are dealing only with probabilities and — who knows ? — the examiner may have been changed next time .
10 Horne could have been murdered any time between dusk and dawn .
11 Mr Stuart-Moore said the notebook containing the master plan had been written some time before and some details had been altered .
12 There was an area of bruising below the right eye but , although it was recent , Wycliffe felt sure that it had been inflicted some time before death — probably the day before .
13 The vice-chancellor said the creditors ' committee had been given insufficient time and information to judge the proposals , which were negotiated by BCCI liquidator Touche Ross , particularly whether accepting Abu Dhabi 's package would recover more money for creditors than suing the majority shareholders .
14 Polemis ( N.C. , 1974 ) the court held that if a person had been given insufficient time , an adjournment must be granted .
15 On Saturday he had been given some time off to visit his critically ill sister , 17-year-old Lillian , as she lay in hospital .
16 However , if hon. Members had been given more time to study these complicated regulations , more of them might have realised how adversely they affect some of their constituents and would have made it their business to be here .
17 Special considerations : the appellant had been diagnosed some time previously as HIV positive and more recently AIDS had developed .
18 Gotti had been prosecuted on three previous occasions — while the current trial was in progress the foreman of the jury in the 1987 trial was indicted for conspiring with Gotti to return a not guilty verdict in exchange for $60,000 — and had been acquitted each time .
19 However , the majority of MPs expressed their support , pointing out that he had been elected first time to the shadow cabinet , giving him a mandate and the right to the same loyalty which his predecessors , Donald Dewar and Bruce Millan , had received .
20 This photograph , of a doctor , was one that had been taken some time previously to illustrate an article on long hours worked by junior doctors .
21 But Hygeberht had been demoted some time before .
22 She had been widowed some time when we met . ’
23 An astonishing repair of sorts had been effected some time in the last century : a young fruit tree was nailed vertically to the back of the panel and held in place with iron bands .
24 The boat had been bought some time earlier but had been abandoned due to decay and damage .
25 So far , more than half of those taken on trial have been given full time jobs like Chris .
26 The author would welcome responses from teams developing courses in EP , particularly in North America , with a view to publishing a much more elaborate framework ( akin to that available for Computer Science ) , including the items which have been omitted this time .
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