Example sentences of "[verb] n't been [adv] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It does n't seem to bother you that it has n't been altogether successful so far . ’
2 Up to now her life has n't been altogether rosy .
3 Erm it perhaps has n't been as major as as people might er have thought it should be .
4 It has n't been as difficult as I thought it would be , so far … but I 'm determined not to have another smoke .
5 The Turkish forces , let's be clear about this , have used napalm against Kurdish villages inside the ‘ safe haven ’ which the rapidstrike force is supposedly on permanent red-alert to protect — yet there has n't been so much as a cheep from any of the elements who cheered the US-led forces into the Gulf War on the basis that regimes which defy international law and slaughter innocent people must be confronted , no matter what the cost .
6 We 're a bit understocked anyway — business has n't been so good since the trouble started . ’
7 Well the atmosphere is very bad indeed in Belfast because er we had this before of course twenty years ago we had various bad situations but it has n't been so bad in recent years , but this last fortnight , er we 've had U V F killings , then we had this terrible bomb by the I R A killing the protestants in the Shankhill Road .
8 And you know this brings another important aspect up which is very important about communications , erm you know we 've jollied along talking about what communication is making sure people know you know what you want etcetera etcetera etcetera but also do n't forget that different people can have different perceptions of the same same things but as I say here we are we sat here we done we 've done about an hour an hour and a half on written communications and yet you know when we passed the papers around it has n't been too bad but there has been different things that people have gone for both in the writing of these reports and both in the marking of them as well .
9 Chris has n't been too bad though , his ears have been reasonable .
10 Yes touch wood , for flowers it has n't been too bad a year , so far , we have n't had very .
11 ‘ She obviously has n't been too careful about what she 's been eating . ’
12 To date this explosion has n't been that much more than a damp November 5th squib , although it has undoubtedly increased the awareness of the business community that there is rather more to making a presentation than a hand-written flipchart .
13 If he wants to do it his way and he succeeds then great , but so far it has n't been that successful .
14 It has n't been that busy , it 's not busy .
15 dog you see , but er you can tell it has n't been that tough a winter because there 's still
16 World travel market attended , the club promotion , although it 's still running , has n't been very successful , over four hundred bed nights into the campaign , as a result of that short running promotion .
17 Somebody did suggest that we ask Betty 's husband , but if he has n't been very helpful with the auditor , perhaps he 's not very keen on .
18 He has , he has n't been very active actually
19 " He has n't been home all night , " I said , trying to keep the anxiety out of my voice .
20 she said she was gon na ring me back , but you see I have n't been here this afternoon so I 'll perhaps ring again tomorrow .
21 We paid over $50m for it , and that , for a small British company in those days going into a market where British companies had n't been notably successful , was seen as a very big commitment .
22 So he had n't been here this morning while she was forcing her way through the woods ?
23 He 'd taken her to church , he 'd taken her to lunch and she had n't been particularly gracious about any of it .
24 It was n't much of a place , and Toby had n't been particularly happy there .
25 There was something else now ; something that had n't been immediately apparent to Cardiff , but had been seen by the others straightaway and which was causing them to back away from the wall .
26 It was she who had begged him to make love to her , she recalled , not the other way round , and , although he had n't been exactly reluctant , what man was going to turn down such a blatant offer ?
27 Agatha had n't been unduly concerned .
28 He had n't been seriously doubtful .
29 Her mother had n't been too pleased with Kevin as a son-in-law .
30 If I had n't been too dumb I could have come to Mars-U as well , then I would n't have been alone .
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