Example sentences of "[verb] n't for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 He did n't for one minute expect that sort of treatment in Gloucester , but that was how he would spend this afternoon .
2 Lucy did n't for one moment think that she could trick him or trip him , but knew that he 'd see her as young and naive and so might just let her get away with a little more .
3 Well sometimes they did n't do that f for reason , perhaps a driver missed his duty or there was a defect on the bus and you used to get a record each day of what we call lost mileage or an extra mileage perhaps on the odd occasion when an extra journey was run but erm the lost mileage was recorded and say you had this bus was due to run a hundred and twenty six miles , it did n't for some reason complete its erm hundred percent journey , you 'd take that off and then record against that bus that , that run say hundred and twenty miles .
4 A letter dated March 2nd already betrays some misgiving through its protestation : ‘ I do n't for one minute doubt about the fall of Verdun . ’
5 But do n't for one moment feel you 're fickle if you change your perfume constantly , on a whim .
6 But do n't for one moment think that Munich should be left solely for the more seriously-minded visitor .
7 If it does n't for any reason , you have to dub in new matching background sound .
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