Example sentences of "[verb] n't [been] [adv] [det] " in BNC.

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1 The Turkish forces , let's be clear about this , have used napalm against Kurdish villages inside the ‘ safe haven ’ which the rapidstrike force is supposedly on permanent red-alert to protect — yet there has n't been so much as a cheep from any of the elements who cheered the US-led forces into the Gulf War on the basis that regimes which defy international law and slaughter innocent people must be confronted , no matter what the cost .
2 To date this explosion has n't been that much more than a damp November 5th squib , although it has undoubtedly increased the awareness of the business community that there is rather more to making a presentation than a hand-written flipchart .
3 " He has n't been home all night , " I said , trying to keep the anxiety out of my voice .
4 she said she was gon na ring me back , but you see I have n't been here this afternoon so I 'll perhaps ring again tomorrow .
5 So he had n't been here this morning while she was forcing her way through the woods ?
6 and I had a very sheltered life , I was an only child , I had n't been around much , I had n't stayed away from home erm and I came to Suffolk to visit a girl penfriend who was working at Brandeston Hall and erm she at that time was expecting to get engaged to a chappy in the village here who was , and still is a friend of Hector 's and ours , and they did n't marry in the finish but she at that time wanted me to come up to Suffolk to see her and to meet this chappy who she thought she was going to marry and erm so , it was holiday from the art school where I was and I thought well why not ?
7 Because I had n't been around much , I had n't been away from home
8 There had n't been so much of that though the last few years .
9 See th history of the union is I mean er but er you know it 's a it 's a process is n't it in in a way the management have are probably really kicking themselves now for what 's happened you know I mean , their li latest statement is er , Well if there had n't been so much ou outside interference I 'm sure we 'd have been able to settle .
10 She said it looked as though Francis had n't been home all night and she was worried . ’
11 She did n't turn up , so of course I then telephoned her office and found she had n't been there that week .
12 He had n't been there that morning and now she had run him to earth in the café .
13 The black paint on the body was already peeling from the heat , though the Doctor guessed from the depth of the dust layer that it had n't been there more than a couple of days .
14 They have n't been as much part of my life as I would like , because for the last year or so it has been more or less taken up by the future of the channel .
15 I do n't recall the good times I 've had at Wembley with anything like the same frequency — not just because there have n't been as many of them ( my personal Wembley record is played ten , won two , lost eight ) , but because when you support a football team , misery is the only currency that can purchase real ecstasy .
16 And we have n't been out this week either
17 I have n't been so much involved in it as perhaps some other people and I do n't pretend to be an expert .
18 I arrived home just before midnight , the Institute beckoning early next morning to share my moment of glory ( there have n't been too many of those with my beloved , knowing how proud she would be of her hero ! !
19 Course I have n't been down that way for a while .
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