Example sentences of "[verb] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Alternatively , it could be simply a collection of modules which it is temporarily convenient to modify at the same time .
2 If we look back to the middle years of the nineteenth century and to the debates about the extension of the franchise to the working class then hopes were expressed as to how voters should behave at the same time as there was anxiety and fear as to how they would actually behave .
3 It was no use putting it off and she was sure that Ana should know at the same time .
4 This part of the task is very slow and time-consuming and if more than one plate is being constructed then they could be clamped together and all be drilled at the same time .
5 The stock dove almost disappeared from some areas , but , like other species that were hard-hit at the same time , it has since made a good recovery .
6 Croydon cars already had cushioned seats of the highest standard on both decks and chromium plated handrails , so that they required less modification than the ex-L.C.C. cars rebuilt at the same time .
7 Israel and I were both on our knees , side by side , with tears streaming down our faces , yet laughing at the same time .
8 He was crying and laughing at the same time .
9 This is occurring at the same time as the Commission is using the single market as an excuse to augment its power for political means .
10 Frequently it is found that an accident is the result of a combination of adverse circumstances , each of which is normally containable but when occurring at the same time can lead to disaster .
11 In saying that an event c caused an event e , or that e was the effect of c , we typically have in mind but do not say that a set of things including c , but not necessarily all occurring at the same time , was required for e .
12 Significantly , the terms ‘ society ’ and ‘ culture ’ themselves , in their modern usage , appear at the same time .
13 In other words , they appear at the same time at widely separated localities .
14 Did you see that one advertising triple glazing at the same time as his double would you believe ?
15 If you have a 2.25 the cost of a new 2.5 head is not economically viable , so the alternative is to have the head machined to take the 2.5 inserts ( ETC 6278 ) at £6.58 each plus VAT and probably £50 to £75 to have the head reconditioned at the same time .
16 Prior Robert , still stonily silent and shocked out of his normal studied dignity , led away his shattered clerk to the second of the two penitentiary cells ; and it was the first time , as far as Cadfael could recall , that the two had ever been occupied at the same time .
17 The Pizazz + Windows 3 Print Utility is installed at the same time as Pizazz Plus Screen Capture .
18 They parted at the hatshop and made an arrangement to meet at the same time the following day .
19 However , the demand for the relevant , the practical , and the vocational that was part of the raison d'être of the GCSE has at the same time been answered in a different way , which may in the end prove embarrassing to the DES and the SEC , and may seem to promise yet another shift of power .
20 While attempting to give financial autonomy to schools the government has at the same time failed to help the market — that is , parents and pupils — to decide what subjects should be studied .
21 But — with exceptions of course — it has at the same time been unable or unwilling to devote enough time and effort to understanding and pursing financial and accounting matters , perhaps because these often lack the immediate and general glamour of other aspects of policies .
22 It displays the extraordinary virtuosity which this scheme encourages , but has at the same time great sculptural power .
23 Being a costly enterprise and having many uses to the modern state , research has at the same time come under increased scrutiny from the paymaster .
24 It has in the past happened that a client has been advised by the agent to amend an order , has entirely agreed with that advice , but has at the same time pointed out that his authority does not extend to giving a final decision , and this can be awkward .
25 Classes help the actor to gain confidence in dealing with many things happening at the same time , and this is an important part of student work .
26 Edward Blishen , the presenter , has an enviable gift for sketching in background and perspective , drawing up different strands of what was happening at the same time to make his argument , all with ease .
27 You can not deduce from the fact that it was happening at the same time that it was a cause .
28 Yeah well this is , th this is it I mean th th there are often a lot of things happening at the same time er er some of which as you just sort of hinted at are sort of er erm of a psychological er er have a psychological factor in them which all add to it do n't they ?
29 I originally had this idea through the workers union in Manchester , and I was wondering if there were any comparative studies that were happening at the same time , and that would be really interesting to see how Oxford compares to other areas .
30 When Coenred went to Rome he went in the company of Offa , son of Sigehere and king of the eastern Saxons , who abdicated at the same time ( HE V , 19 ) , and the harmony which appears to have prevailed between Coenred and Offa is another salutary warning not to describe relations between overlords and their royal dependants in this period as one of constant hostility .
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